Dear Sirs and Madams,

For more than a decade, the renowned and leading high-class agency Excellent Escorts has been offering eroticism of the highest standard, and it would like to provide plenty of space for the free development of the fantasies of all parties in the future. Taking inspiration from the words of Goethe, who proclaimed “Here, I am human, here I am free to be!”, high-class transsexuals are now cordially invited to apply.

Sophisticated gentlemen may continue to feel free to pursue their erotic fantasies and secret longings – communicate your wishes to us openly and easily. In this regard, too, you can continue to count on Excellent Escorts to offer a distinguished, reputable and utterly discreet service!


  • An extremely pleasant atmosphere within the agency and thus a lasting collaboration
  • Renowned agency management that is emotionally intelligent, trustworthy, purposeful and sensitive to your wishes and capabilities
  • Professionalism
  • Discretion
  • Expertise
  • Commercial strength
  • Comprehensive guidance
  • Assured sense of style and poise, independence, instruction in the art of high society conduct / etiquette
  • Loyalty, strength and self-confidence in dealing with topics that move (you)
  • Foresight and forward thinking
  • Openness and life with a cosmopolitan world view
  • Personal promotion and working out your strengths / optimising your character as a whole
  • Intensive preparation for a meeting with a gentleman
  • Sophisticated and highly cultivated clientele
  • Exclusive and pleasurable meetings in five-star hotels
  • High-class bookings across Germany as well as internationally.


  • You are a very attractive, charming and intelligent young transsexual (breasts and penis are presumed) between 20 and 40 years of age
  • You have a dress size of 34-40 (UK 6-12)
  • You are studying, training or are already working
  • You are loyal, honest and completely immune to private contact on the part of the client
  • You have a very good general education and follow daily world affairs
  • You are interested in literature, economics, politics and culture
  • You place great emphasis on a well-groomed appearance and have a distinguished clothing style
  • You are ideally free of tattoos, piercings and extensions
  • You are ideally a non-smoker and live in a health-conscious way
  • You are graceful, elegant, confident, self-assured and natural
  • You understand how to empathise and seamlessly adjust to your counterpart’s feelings, and you intuitively recognise moods and know how to create a pleasant atmosphere
  • You conduct conversations eloquently, with intellect, wit and charm
  • You speak several languages (standard German is a prerequisite)
  • You love to pamper and be pampered
  • You want a challenging and lucrative occupation in an elite environment
  • You enjoy conversing with a charming gentleman and spending time with him
  • You enjoy non-committal erotic adventures, and are imaginative and open in every way
  • Ideally, you live in a German or European city
  • You have a flexible schedule, and are discreet and secretive
  • You would like to work for an excellent, renowned and highly exclusive escort service
  • The agency is glad to offer you the “Deluxe Rate

If you meet these criteria, there is nothing standing in the way of your escort application. We look forward to receiving your message.