Excellent Escort Lady


Very intelligent, most attractive, sexy, and buoyant – these are attributes you can expect from Olivia. A bright mind in an appealing shell that will love to snuggle up to yours. Propelled by a thirst for adventure, emotion, genuine interest and curiosity, Olivia will be a sensual companion in every moment who is always focussed on your wellbeing and values romantic moments as highly as exuberant togetherness. Experience therefore, together with Olivia, innumerable facets of love, unbridled sensual pleasure, and fall elegantly from one feast of the senses into the next… Sometimes it’s legitimate for gentlemen to prefer blondes.

Profile & Interests

City of residence
(no travel costs),
Nuremberg (minimum booking time 4 hours, incl. 90 EUR travel costs),
Würzburg (minimum booking time 4 hours, incl. 90 EUR travel costs),
Germany and worldwide
(plus travel costs)
Student of Medicine
German (fluent),
English (fluent),
Spanish (fluent)
Portuguese (fluent)
24 years
170 cm
51 kg
Dress size
90-61-90 (75B natural)
Champagne (Taittinger),
Still water (Evian)
Favourite Cuisine
German, Italian, Japanese
Chance-Eau Tendre (Chanel)
Important details

no tattoos / no piercings



Excellent Escort Olivia from Munich treats you to intimate moments of togetherness with the following erotic highlights:

  • Girlfriend eroticism
  • Passionate kissing
  • French eroticism, 69
  • Greek eroticism (situational)
  • Exciting lingerie and high heels
  • Erotic full body massage
  • Verbal eroticism
  • Striptease
  • Mild bondage (active)
  • Mild dominance (active)
  • Watersports (active)
  • Roleplay
  • Swinger club visits
  • Foot eroticism
  • Sextoys
  • Bisexual: yes
  • Duo: possible


  • Art and culture
  • Visits to the theatre, opera, concerts
  • Literature
  • Philosophy
  • Current events
  • Lifestyle/Partying
  • Cinema/Film
  • Fashion
  • Music (classical to rock)
  • Travelling and foreign cultures
  • Wellness (spa visits, massages)
  • Sports (swimming, surfing, tennis, gym)


1. What is it about working as a luxury escort lady that appeals to you?

Above all, I love encounters with the male species, their stories and backgrounds, flirting, laughing with them and going on a journey of discovery together. The fact that I am always allowed to move around in luxurious hotels, where the ambience is always at its best, attracts and inspires me even more, because it is something very special!

2. What are the privileges of an Excellent Escort and what characterises one?

The benefits are simple: I wanted to be with the best agency and now I am. The meetings always take place in 5-star-houses, the gentlemen are educated, cultivated and charming. I can learn a lot from them and mature even more. I like to try to meet the high demands of the agency and think, that points like honesty, punctuality, commitment and discipline are perfectly normal…but it always works better: Julia has an unfailing eye for all details and I profit enormously from that!

3. Why was this agency your choice over all others?

Excellent Escorts is a top brand that not only sells style and level, but also actually conveys it. Julia is the ideal embodiment of this. The meetings are all perfectly organised, you know where you stand, all open questions are clarified, I have the certainty that I only have to deal with a selected circle of clients. This fact alone conveys security, competence and reliability. I feel completely at home here.

4. Do you have an erotic fantasy that you’d like to play out?

Whether the one who has the most dazzling fantasies can also enjoy the greatest pleasure remains to be seen ;-)…but what I do know is that it inspires and accompanies me through everyday life. Since I’m a romantic, I could imagine…

…kissing you under a starry sky on the beach. We sink in the waves and forget the time around us…

…we travel together to New York and have dreamlike sex on the terrace of our penthouse suite, with a view of the city and have the feeling that the world belongs only to us!

But what is the use of all ideas? We will see where the wind blows us and the situation carries us:-)!

5. What are your dreams and ambitions in life?

I would like to successfully complete my studies, do my PhD, become a specialist in neurosurgery and establish my own hospital. Personally, I want to remain the happy figure that I already am and keep my clear view of things and life.

6. What is your secret recipe for a wonderful evening for two? What is your secret weapon?

I don’t have a real secret weapon, except my naturalness, my honesty, lightness and my charm, which many people have succumbed to ;-)…

7. What three things would you bring to a desert island?

At the Copa Cabana chic bikinis are the frequent practice – why not on a lonely island?;-)…Sunscreen and a light blanket for the night, I also pack!

8. Which work of literature has made the strongest impression on you and why? 

“Mind and Feeling” by Jane Austen. I already read “Pride and Prejudice” in one go. Austen’s works simply carry me away. The style is never banal, it’s personal and emotional, I quickly have the feeling of being in a different time. Above all, however, the lives of the sisters, who have to go through entanglements and confusions, are described in an exciting way. Although the novel was written over 200 years ago, I do find myself in one situation or another. It is not only about mere love and the theme “who gets whom?”, but also deals very much with the role of women, the social structures of that time and women’s inner ambiguities in the 19th century.

9. Which philosophy of life do you follow?

You only live once!

10. Love is…?

…not to have expectations of the other person, but to take someone as he is. I do not want to change anyone, but trust in the language of the heart and in the honest word! But above all, love is a feeling of well-being and the feeling of having arrived…






2 hours800,00 EUR (Private Date)
3 hours1.000,00 EUR
4 hours1.200,00 EUR
6 hours1.400,00 EUR
10 hours1.800,00 EUR
12 hours2.000,00 EUR
15 hours2.200,00 EUR
1 day2.800,00 EUR
2 days4.400,00 EUR
every additional day1.100 EUR


  • lady’s city of residence – 2 hours none
  • max. 150 km from city of residence

within Germany – 4 hours /150,00 EUR

  • within Germany, Austria and Switzerland

12 hours – 200,00 EUR + plane /train fare

  • within Europe

24 hours – 250,00 EUR + plane ticket

  • other countries

48 hours / 350,00 EUR + plane ticket



Contact & Feedbacks Olivia

3 + 0 = ?

Liebe Julia,

das Treffen mit Olivia in München war hervorragend. Sie ist eine äußerst natürliche Person mit gutem Intellekt sowie breitem Horizont und ein absoluter Gewinn für die Agentur. Ich werde Frau Doktor 🙂 gerne wieder buchen und danke dir für die wie immer ausgezeichnete Organisation. Liebe Grüsse!

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