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The idea of being aware of an intense moment and always staying in the moment shows that our “appointment with life” is always in the present. How enchanting it would be to spend this in twos and in highly attractive company of format and true class – perhaps with Fleur?

In order to grasp Fleur’s multi-faceted and at the same time so life-affirming nature, a certain subtlety is required, which should be quite capable of recognizing just such a one in her. Uncomplicated, distinguished, charming and extremely level-headed, she will not only be the perfect companion at the side of a generous gallant, but will also convince with verve, femininity, commitment and piquant eroticism. Pure luxury!
Enjoy, therefore, together with Fleur, intense hours full of playful lightness, soulmates and a physicality that is as true as it is naive. Some people know it: the ideal day will always be “today” – as long as we make it that way!

Profile & Interests

City of residence
Berlin (no travel costs),
Hamburg (minimum booking time 4 hours, plus 120 EUR travel costs),
Hannover (minimum booking time 6 hours, plus 150 EUR travel costs),
Germany and worldwide
(plus travel costs)
Student on teaching profession (integrated secondary level/ grammar school/ vocational school)
German (fluent),
English (fluent)
24 Years
176 cm
60 kg
Dress size
90-63-91 (75B/C natural)
Champagner (Moët & Chandon), still water, tea
Favourite cuisine
German, Italian, Japanese
Sì (Giorgio Armani)
Important details
no tattoos,
no piercings


Excellent Escort Fleur from Berlin treats you to intimate moments of togetherness with the following erotic highlights:

  • Girlfriend eroticism (GFE)
  • Passionate kissing
  • French eroticism (FT situational), 69
  • Greek erotic (situational)
  • Anilingus (passive)
  • Exciting lingerie and high heels
  • Erotic full body massage
  • Verbal eroticism
  • Striptease
  • Mild bondage (active)
  • Mild dominance (active)
  • Roleplay
  • Swingerclub visits
  • Golden shower (active)
  • Foot eroticism
  • Sextoys
  • Bisexual: yes
  • Duo: possible
  • Art and culture
  • Visiting theatre, ballets, operas, musicals and concerts
  • Literature arts and culture
  • Music (from classical to rock)
  • Psychology
  • Humanities
  • Current events
  • Interior design
  • Lifestyle/ going out
  • Cooking / Patisserie
  • Travelling and foreign cultures
  • Wellness (spa and sauna visits, massages)
  • Sports (riding – dressage, L-class), dancing (salsa, bachata), fitness, Zumba)

1.What attracts you to the activity of a luxury escort lady?

I am fascinated to dive into a mysterious world, which is full of esprit, erotic seduction and a stylish gentleman, who approaches a woman with charm and class. At the same time, I love to let a wicked, erotic side flare up inside me while I spend my afternoons at university performing the well-behaved student teacher who is eager to become a civil servant.

2. Which advantages do you think an Excellent Escort enjoys and what does it matter?

An Excellent Escort has the opportunity to get to know an experienced and intellectual gentleman who you wouldn’t meet without the agency’s mediation. Every encounter is so individual and multifaceted that you never know what to expect, except that it will certainly be enjoyable. Similar to the blind reach into a box of chocolates.

3. Why did it absolutely have to be this agency and no other?

The entire presentation of Excellent Escorts is a testament to pure elegance, etiquette and the highest level of professionalism. And last but not least, it was Julia, who with her determined but at the same time cordial manner motivated me to become the best version of myself and thus to join the squad of excellent ladies.

4. Which erotic fantasy would you like to live out?

I imagine us strolling through the dazzling streets of New York at night, looking for a chic cocktail bar and then, after a pleasurable drink, retreating to our penthouse room above the rooftops of the city. I gracefully walk to the floor-to-ceiling window to watch the city’s roaring hustle and bustle. You follow me and open the zipper along my tight dress while you brush my hair to the side and gently cover my throbbing neck with warm kisses. You push my legs apart and penetrate me while I quietly groan. We give ourselves over to ecstasy while the whole city shines below us.

5. What are your dreams and aims in life?

My aim is to gain in life experience, intellect and self-knowledge over time, while maintaining my ease in approaching things.

6. What is your secret recipe for a successful evening for two? What is your secret weapon?

A successful evening begins with a hearty embrace, led by a deep conversation, culminating in erotic fireworks. My secret weapon are my big brown doe eyes, paired with my soft voice and my sensual full lips, which make you want more just by looking at them.

7. Which three things would you take with you to a desert island and why?

I would like to have a telescope with which I can observe the stars in the night sky. Also a feather pillow and a toolbox to build my own paradise. Who wouldn’t like to have their own island that they can design themselves?

8. Which literary work has made a lasting impression on you and why?

The classic “The Sandman” by E.T.A Hoffmann. It is a gruesome story in which the boundaries between reality and fiction become blurred. That fascinates me. At the same time I like the poetic language of romanticism.

9. What philosophy of life do you follow?

I think life should be approached ecstatically, richly and optimistically. I have done well with that so far.

10. Love is…?

…very difficult to put into words. I would describe it as a deep bond that grows through respect, shared experiences, passion and acceptance. No love can be compared with each other.





2 hours800,00 EUR (Private Date)
3 hours1.000,00 EUR
4 hours1.200,00 EUR
6 hours1.400,00 EUR
10 hours1.800,00 EUR
12 hours2.000,00 EUR
15 hours2.200,00 EUR
1 day2.800,00 EUR
2 days4.400,00 EUR
every additional day1.100 EUR

  • Lady’s city of residence
    2 hours – no travel costs
  • Journey within 150 km from city of residence
    4 hours – 150.00 EUR
  • Journey within Germany
    12 hours – 200.00 EUR + flight/train ticket
  • Journey within Europe
    24 hours – 250.00 EUR + flight ticket
  • Other countries
    48 hours – 350.00 EUR + flight ticket

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