Escort Dame


Has more than her share of sex appeal, is blessed with an incredibly attractive appearance and a wonderful sense of humour. Lisa is a young and very charming lady, who will display perfect manners, tact and elegance while accompanying you throughout your evening, and will make heads turn wherever you take her. Enjoy therefore together with Lisa exciting and sparkly hours, packed with erotic ideas, that will be rendered unforgettable.

Profile & Interests

City of Residence
Frankfurt on the Main
Frankfurt on the Main (no travel costs)
Strasbourg (50 Euros travel costs)
Germany and worldwide
(plus travel costs)
Public administration specialist
German (fluent),
English (conversational)
28 years
175 cm
58 kg
Dress size
89-62-91 (75B)
Champagne (Veuve Clicquot)
Favourite cuisine
Italian, Japanese, Mexican
Red roses
Euphoria (Calvin Klein)
Important details
one small tattoo, no piercings



Excellent Escort Lisa from Frankfurt treats you to intimate moments of togetherness with the following erotic highlights:

  • Girlfriend Erotic
  • French eroticism, 69
  • Greek eroticism
  • Exciting lingerie and high heels
  • Erotic full body massage
  • Verbal eroticism
  • Striptease
  • Mild bondage (active)
  • Mild dominance (active)
  • Roleplay (situational)
  • Goldenshower (active)
  • Foot erotic
  • Sextoys
  • Bisexual: yes
  • Duo: possible


  • Art and Culture
  • Visits to the theatre, opera, and concerts, music (classical to rock)
  • Travelling and foreign cultures
  • Fashion
  • Wellness
  • Shopping
  • Sports (skiing – blue piste, swimming, running, gym, dancing – salsa)


1. What is it about working as a luxury escort lady that appeals to you?

For me the job of an escort combines a couple of different and wonderful things: I meet fantastic, intelligent and interesting gentlemen, and I love to “abduct” them from the dullness of everyday life. I also appreciate the certain air of luxury, and beautiful journeys, which I can experience in this context and thus broaden my horizon.

2. What are the privileges of an Excellent Escort and what characterises one?

I love to feel the nervousness before the encounter, especially because I know that very soon something “forbidden” will take place. I am excited while I dress up for the stranger with great care, select an elegant dress, choose my lingerie thoughtfully – and feel sexy. As I’m getting ready, I look forward with delight to the excellent hotel, to an elegant companion and a new experience. I ask myself: What will he be like? What will we talk about? How will I seduce him? What will be the first thought that flashes through his mind when he sees me? Maybe he’ll ask himself how I taste, what my skin feels like, how we will become one with each other? …

3. Why was this agency your choice over all others?

I did a lot of research and this agency is the most professional that I came across. Julia arranges everything to my full satisfaction. The gentlemen are always classy, well-mannered and interesting. Without this agency I would have missed out on encounters with a lot of interesting personalities and on a lot of beautiful experiences. Simply great :-)!

4. Do you have an erotic fantasy that you’d like to play out?

I would like to spend a night with two men. Being the only hen at a men’s party has always been a dream of mine ;-)!

5. What are your dreams and ambitions in life?

I am dreaming of a trip around the world, I wouldn’t mind travelling for an entire year ;-)! My professional ambitions are to gain independence and success in every aspect of what I do!

6. What is your secret recipe for a wonderful evening for two? What is your secret weapon?

I hold the firm belief that everything you approach with passion, fun and joy, will blossom 😉 I try to get a sense for the other person and try to slip into his soul!

7. What three things would you bring to a deserted island?

A mirror, a book and sunglasses.

8. Which work of literature has made the strongest impression on you and why?

“The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Joseph Murphy. I am very interested in psychology. The mind is capable of far more than we think. Seeing life as a great game and being its winner… that thought appeals to me. Good thoughts are one thing, diligence another of course. I prefer a combination of both.

9. What is your life philosophy?

Only fight for a goal that you can achieve!

10. What attracts you to a gentleman, and which attributes do you find particularly sexy and exciting?

Most of all, I am attracted to intelligence and charm. Add a nice conversation to that, which I never want to end, because it’s so intriguing and captivating.



ab 600€



2 hours250,00 EUR (Dinner)
3 hours350,00 EUR (Dinner)
2 hours600,00 EUR (Private Date)
3 hours700,00 EUR
4 hours800,00 EUR
6 hours900,00 EUR
8 hours1.100,00 EUR
10 hours1.200,00 EUR
12 hours1.400,00 EUR
15 hours1.600,00 EUR
1 day2.200,00 EUR
2 days3.400,00 EUR
every additional day700,00 EUR


  • Lady’s city of residence
    2 hours – no travel costs
  • Journey within 150 km from city of residence
    4 hours – 150.00 EUR
  • Journey within Germany
    12 hours – 200.00 EUR + flight/train ticket
  • Journey within Europe
    24 hours – 250.00 EUR + flight ticket
  • Other countries
    48 hours – 350.00 EUR + flight ticket



Contact & Feedbacks Lisa

1 + 3 = ?

Liebe Julia,

das war gestern “wow”. Lisa war die perfekte Begleitung und es wurde alles so umgesetzt, wie ich es wollte. Noch nie habe ich ein Escort so perfekt gekleidet gesehen. Sie soll das nächste Mal auf jeden Fall dasselbe anziehen:). Die Zeit war kurzweilig und sehr intensiv. Bei Dir bedanke ich mich für die außerordentlich gute und aufmerksame Organisation. Telefonieren und schreiben ist mit Dir “great fun”. Bis bald.

Name der Agentur bekannt


thank you for arranging my meeting with Lisa at such short notice.  I had forgotten how wonderful she is – great company, she looked fantastic and the whole evening was just perfect.

Name der Agentur bekannt

vielen herzlichen dank für die tolle orga. hat alles prima geklappt!
😃😃😃 lg r.

Name der Agentur bekannt

Hi Julia,

bin wieder im Lande. Danke für die kurzfristige, spontane Möglichkeit für ein Treffen. Die Tage mit Lisa waren phantastisch. Lieben Gruß an sie. N

Name der Agentur bekannt

Hallo Julia,

schön, dass Lisa unser Treffen auch Spaß gemacht hat. Sie ist eine Frau die Du bedenkenlos zu jedem Anlass vermitteln kannst.

Lisa hat in den höchsten Tönen von Dir geschwärmt: „Was für eine super attraktive Frau Du bist“-ich fühle mich schon fast genötigt, Dich einmal in ein First-Class Restaurant auszuführen.

Gerne würde ich auch mal xx und xx kennenlernen-meinst Du das passt?

Name der Agentur bekannt

Liebe Julia,

vielen Dank noch einmal für dein Arrangement des gestrigen Abends, an dem ich zum ersten Mal die Vorzüge einer Dame aus Deiner Agentur genießen durfte: Lisa hat ihre Sache perfekt gemacht und extrem hohe Maßstäbe für alle anderen gesetzt, bitte richte ihr meine allerherzlichsten Grüße aus!

Name der Agentur bekannt
Liebe Julia,
danke, dass Du mir Lisa, eine kleine Teufelin im Engelsgewand, empfohlen hast. Es war eine ganz besonders wilde und zärtliche, entspannende und aufregende, aktive und alles schöne einfach genießende Nacht für mich. Es war wieder einmal (danke!) ein tolles Abenteuer. Angefangen vom Sehen dieser blonden tollen Frau im sexy Mini- Sommerkleid, endlich, weils warm genug war ohne Strümpfe, so dass ich ihre Haut gleich berühren konnte. Ein langes, unterhaltsames, besonders gut schmeckendes Abendessen mit soviel Lachen und Fröhlichkeit als Vorspiel im Zenzakan, ein total nervöser Taxifahrer, der vor lauter in den Rückspiegelschauen beinahe einen Unfall gebaut hat, bis zum finalen Einanderverschlingen und Ineinanderaufgehen, einfach whow, einfach schön, einfach danke für diese schönen gemeinsamen Stunden. Alles Liebe M
Name der Agentur bekannt