Excellent Premium Dame


Just as grace is the expression of a beautiful soul, sensuality and spirit can form a harmonious ellipse of opposites and are definitely united in Esmée. Breathtakingly attractive, multifaceted and with a naturalness that comes along positively naïve.

Esmée is capable of turning the kaleidoscope of emotion into a universe of light reflections, again and again, in the most colourful crystallisations. One might well think that she is a mélange of perception and a spawn of sensuality and innovative eroticism to which “man” should never say “no”.
An encounter with Esmée is therefore more than just an emotional rush – it is the fulfilment of your most secret wishes…the nuance of “more happiness”!

Profile & Interests

City of residence
Cologne (no travel costs),
Dusseldorf (minimum booking time 2 hours, plus 60 EUR travel costs),
Frankfurt on the Main (minimum booking time4 hours, incl. 150 EUR travel costs),
Germany and worldwide
(plus travel costs)

Student of medicine; photo model
German (fluent),
English (fluent),
French (basic skills)
23 years
182 cm
59 kg
Dress size
85-60-90 (75A natural)
Champagne (Dom Pérignon),
still mineral water
Favourite Cuisine
German, Italian, Japanese
Wood Sage And Sea Salt (Jo Malone)
Important details

no tattoos / no piercings


Premium Excellent Escort Esmée from Cologne treats you to intimate moments of togetherness with the following erotic highlights:

  • Girlfriend eroticism
  • Passionate kissing
  • French eroticism (deep throat), 69
  • greek eroticism (situational)
  • Anilingus (passive)
  • Exciting lingerie and high heels
  • Erotic full body massage
  • Verbal eroticism
  • Striptease
  • Mild bondage (active)
  • Mild dominance (active)
  • Goldenshower (active)
  • Roleplay
  • Foot eroticism
  • Sextoys
  • Bisexual: yes
  • Duo: possible
  • Arts and culture
  • Visiting the theatre/ operas/ musicals/ ballets and concerts
  • Music (from Jazz to Hip-Hop)
  • Literature
  • Philosophy
  • Current events/ history
  • Politics / Economy
  • Natural sciences
  • Architecture/ interior design
  • Lifestyle/ going out
  • Travelling and foreign cultures
  • Wellness (spa and sauna visits, massages)
  • Care and cosmetics
  • Sports (fitness, yoga, jogging, cycling, hiking, climbing/ mountaineering. stand-up paddling, snorkeling)

1.What attracts you to the activity of a luxury escort lady?

As an emancipated and self-confident woman I know exactly what I want. Unfortunately, it has always been difficult for me to decide and in a silent hour I posed myself the question: “Why shouldn’t I just have everything? I adore creating the perfect moment. We get to know and love each other as if we had never done anything else, diving into life together. Now, I have the chance to live out my hedonistically influenced side in the best hotels, with obliging and successful gentlemen – in and as your personal “Agent Provocateur” 😉 …

2. Which advantages does an Excellent Escort enjoy in your opinion and what does it matter?

An Excellent Escort is prepared to be disciplined and to create pleasant moods and atmospheres. A certain degree of attractiveness and the will to perfection belong, of course, to this. I like to use “a woman’s weapons” skilfully and see how this suits my counterpart. Those who have made it into the exclusive circle, therefore, enjoy first-class dates with exciting, experienced gentlemen who inspire with exciting storytelling and experience. I am very grateful for the extremely professional handling and processing of customer enquiries and notice that Julia is whirling around non-stop in the background, working out the full potential of each individual member.

3. Why did it have to be this agency and no other?

The aesthetics aimed at here immediately captivated me. It reflects my ideas of stylish eroticism and high class escort. Since I love to present myself, I am now happy to have found a stage on which I can present all my facets – from elegant to wicked – to their fullest effect. I was immediately thrilled by Julia and I can see that with her I have an extremely intelligent woman at my side who works me out to be an “all-rounder”. This goes far beyond the activity as an escort and shows how high her personal commitment is. We discuss all topics of life, not only swimming on the surface, but inspiring each other in everything. To be the best version of myself has always been my wish, which should come true for me here. Of course I want to be one of the best of the best and I think that I get the necessary input here, which will further inspire and enrich me.

4. Which erotic fantasy would you like to live out?

In principle I already live my erotic fantasy. My “second life” as a high class escort, offers me everything and more than I could have imagined. Nevertheless I dream of a scenery which I would like to realize with you. An intense date in beautiful St. Moritz. In. It does not necessarily have to be noble hotel, as I love the Engadine and its nature – a hut, high up in the mountains, could be very romantic. Imagine, you tried desperately and all day long to teach me how to ski, never losing your nerves (chapeau!) and in return I spoil you in the evening by the fireplace on a big, white, fluffy baby bear skin. A bottle of champagne is of course included and I am wearing nothing but fine jewellery and the Louboutins you love so much on me!

5. What are your dreams and aims in life?

Although I have travelled a lot, there are still some places I haven’t seen and I am very interested in. Also in people I haven’t been allowed to meet yet … Culinary delights that I have not yet been allowed to try so far. I dream of absorbing life to its fullness and experiencing every moment, no matter how it is tinted. Happiness and serenity, laughing and crying, people that move me and situations that make me grow, are the elements that enrich me personally. Standing still would never be an option for me, because I always want to develop myself further, just to be able to draw the conclusion at the end, that I have really lived!

6. What is your secret recipe for a successful evening for two? What is your secret weapon?

My natural and authentic nature as well as my captivating charm lead us elegantly through a time in which we feel as if we had always known each other. Many people say that I have an extraordinarily pronounced empathy; people trust me unbrokenly and can let themselves go completely with me. The particularly well-balanced relationship between diva-like grandessa and multi-layered humour makes me the perfect companion for a relaxed evening. No matter where, when or with whom.

7. Which three things would you take to a desert island and why?

I would take a filled (!) lighter with me so that I can make a big fire to warm myself at night and challenge my culinary finesse. Clean water as a basis for survival would not be bad either, a “Life Straw” would be my first choice because “stay hydrated” would not only be a motto for survival but also the secret of eternal beauty. Without music life is boring. I would probably have a record of Ray Charles with me and let him sing me to sleep, keep me company on sunny days and make me dance on grey days.

8. Which literary work made a lasting impression on you and why?

Albert Camus, “L’Étranger”. Camus is one of my favourite authors, as I have a strong inclination towards existentialism – here I particularly like the French direction. Topics like “the absurdities of life”, “the senselessness of action”, “rationality and order following chaos” and determining our being have always occupied me. While reading, I noticed some parallels to our society, which I personally consider to be senseless and absurd. If I draw the bow to myself, I realize that I too once felt trapped … in a man-made construct of rules and structures that had nothing to do with me. Camus’ work inspired me to break with some conventions, to find myself, to define myself as “free” and to live like that. That is happiness. Et voilà, here I am ;-)!

9. Which philosophy of life do you follow?

“Lies don’t travel far.”


ab 1.000 €




2 hours1.000,00 EUR (Private Date)
3 hours1.300,00 EUR
4 hours1.600,00 EUR
6 hours1.900,00 EUR
10 hours2.500,00 EUR
12 hours2.800,00 EUR
15 hours3.100,00 EUR
1 day4.800,00 EUR
2 days5.600,00 EUR
every additional day1.500 EUR

  • lady’s city of residence – 2 hours none
  • max. 150 km from city of residence

within Germany – 4 hours /150,00 EUR

  • within Germany, Austria and Switzerland

12 hours – 200,00 EUR + plane /train fare

  • within Europe

24 hours – 250,00 EUR + plane ticket

  • other countries

48 hours / 350,00 EUR + plane ticket

Hostess Köln

Contact & Feedbacks Esmée

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Dear Julia,
regarding my date with Esmée, I would like to say that I am very impressed by her natural and life-affirming manner. Her long legs are awesome, her eroticism exuberant, I felt more than comfortable every second. I would like to thank you for the smooth organisation, as always, which you can count on. Many thanks for this great recommendation.

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