Excellent Escort Lady


The answer to the question “Can love be a sin?“ is perfectly obvious in Emily’s case: “No!“ Witty, very attractive, cultured and sparkling like champagne, she will steal you away into a world of youthful weightlessness. Emily knows how to create an intimate and relaxed atmosphere in no time, allowing you to let go  instantly and take a break from your strenuous work life. Therefore, enjoy with Emily exciting, coquettish, and passionate hours of togetherness in a realm of sensuality. Are you ready for it?

Profile & Interests

City of residence
London (no travel costs)
Germany and worldwide
(plus travel costs)
Business Student
German (fluent),
English (fluent),
French (conversational)
24 years
167 cm
50 kg
Dress size
89-60-91 (75C natural)
Champagne (Veuve Clicquot),
Favourite Cuisine
German, Italian, Japanese
Mademoiselle (Chanel)
Important details

no tattoos / no piercings



Excellent Escort Emily from London treats you to intimate moments of togetherness with the following erotic highlights:

  • Girlfriend eroticism
  • Passionate kissing
  • French eroticism, 69
  • Exciting lingerie and high heels
  • Erotic full body massage
  • Verbal eroticism
  • Striptease
  • Mild bondage (active)
  • Mild dominance (active)
  • Watersports (active)
  • Roleplay
  • Foot eroticism
  • Sextoys
  • Duo: not possible


  • Art and culture, visits to the theatre, opera, concerts
  • Playing the piano
  • Literature
  • Music (classical to rock)
  • Fashion
  • Architecture
  • Travelling and foreign cultures
  • Wellness (spa visits, massages)
  • Sports (tennis, climbing, chess)


1. What is it about working as a luxury escort lady that appeals to you?

Every date is really different and that is, what makes escort so unique and so incredibly exciting. I have the opportunity to enjoy beautiful moments and afterwards, I can return to my normal everyday life, which is full of great memories. That’s where I get a lot of energy from. It’s wonderful to be led by a man and to be surprised. Whether it is a visit to a beautiful restaurant, a visit to the opera, a walk by the sea or a shopping trip: you simply feel appreciated. Automatically, you are ready to give more of yourself and offer someone a good time.

2. What are the privileges of an Excellent Escort and what characterises one?

An Excellent Escort always ensures, that the person opposite you feels comfortable every second and that the encounter becomes an unforgettable experience. Let yourself be surprised and give yourself to my boundless imagination and care :-)…

3. Why was this agency your choice over all others?

This agency has a great management, which is the be-all and end-all for a successful placement. I can trust Julia and I know that I always meet a real gentlemen and that everything will workout fine.

4. Do you have an erotic fantasy that you’d like to play out?

In fact, I’ve never had sex on the beach…if you’ve experienced this before and are firmly convinced, that it’s not really worth imitating, I’m willing to prove you wrong ;-). Therefore: Take me to the most beautiful beaches of this world and in return I guarantee you the best holiday of your life! 🙂

5. What are your dreams and ambitions in life?

To travel the world, write a book, do a parachute jump, learn Arabic and make my friends and family happy. I think I’m already doing very well, but there’s always “more” in it. Above all, I want to enjoy life to the fullest and create a rich fund of positive memories for myself!

6. What is your secret recipe for a wonderful evening for two? What is your secret weapon?

To enjoy the present time, because time simply flies by far too fast. I don’t really want to serve my secret weapon publicly on a silver tray, but I can already tell you one thing…”she” 😉 is very attractive, stands firm in life with her two really pretty legs and loves to laugh for her life. Once you solve these puzzles, you are invited to contact the agency :-).

7. What three things would you bring to a desert island?

Music, so I can dance….wine to celebrate life….and you to make my stay on the island a little more exciting -)!

8. Which work of literature has made the strongest impression on you and why? 

“Fifty Shades of Grey”….just kidding :-D… Oh, it’s really hard to choose a book and decide on it, because I was inspired by many works, such as “Schuld und Sühne” (Feodor Dostoyevsky), “Utopia” (Thomas Morus) and “Per Anhalter durch die Galaxis” (Douglas Adams).

9. Which philosophy of life do you follow?

“Not because things are out of reach, we do not dare them. Because we do not dare them, they remain unattainable.” This quote is from Seneca and accompanies me through my whole life. If you don’t dare, you won’t win. Those, who think too much about how to proceed and do not act, get anything in the end!

10. Love is…?

My secret weapon for a happy life :-))))






2 hours800,00 EUR (Private Date)
3 hours1.000,00 EUR
4 hours1.200,00 EUR
6 hours1.400,00 EUR
10 hours1.800,00 EUR
12 hours2.000,00 EUR
15 hours2.200,00 EUR
1 day2.800,00 EUR
2 days4.400,00 EUR
every additional day1.100 EUR


  • lady’s city of residence – 2 hours none
  • max. 150 km from city of residence

within Germany – 4 hours /150,00 EUR

  • within Germany, Austria and Switzerland

12 hours – 200,00 EUR + plane /train fare

  • within Europe

24 hours – 250,00 EUR + plane ticket

  • other countries

48 hours / 350,00 EUR + plane ticket