Excellent Premium Lady


One thing you certainly know: People would live in the most peaceful peace if they had removed of from nature the two words “mine” and “yours” – the reception of Seneca’s view is of great importance not only for the analysis of conflict and peace, but especially the key to the heart of the classical beauty Danaë, for whom whole armies would have gone to war in ancient times. Danaë’s innocent grace enters into an almost unforgivable liaison with an outstanding intellect that makes every man’s heart beat faster. Her very feminine and delicate nature is inspired by an unparalleled imagination that fantastically assists her polymorphic eroticism. The solution in this case is clearly entitled “If you don’t dare, you won’t win!” – If you don’t give it a try, you will lose the most beautiful miracles…

Profile & Interests

City of residence
Hamburg (minimum booking duration 3 hours, no travel costs),
Hannover (minimum booking duration 3 hours, plus 80 EUR travel costs),
Berlin (minimum booking duration 4 hours, plus 120 EUR travel fees),
Salzburg (from 16th to 28th October 2020, afterwards again in Hamburg).
Germany and worldwide
(plus travel costs)
Student of psychology and social science
German (fluent),
English (fluent)
23 years
178 cm
55 kg
Dress size
85-60-88 (75B natural)
Champagne (Ruinart),
still mineral water (Evian),
green tea
Favourite Cuisine
German, Italian, Japanese, French
Lotus flowers
Poison Girl (Dior)
Important details

no tattoos / no piercings


Excellent Escort Danaë from Hamburg treats you to intimate moments of togetherness with the following erotic highlights:

  • Girlfriend eroticism (GFE)
  • Passionate kissing
  • French eroticism, 69
  • Facesitting, pegging
  • Deepthroat (situational)
  • Greek eroticism
  • English eroticism
  • Spanish eroticism
  • Anilingus (active/ passive, follow strict hygiene precautions)
  • Finger games (active/passive; follow strict hygiene precautions)
  • Exciting lingerie and high heels
  • Lacquer/ leather/ latex
  • Erotic full body massage/ Russian eroticism
  • Erotic water games (pool/ shower)
  • Eroticism in extraordinary places
  • Golden shower (active/ passive)
  • Verbal eroticism
  • Striptease
  • Light bondage games (active/ passive); bondage (regular customers)
  • Slight dominance (active/ passive)
  • Role plays (costumes)
  • Foot eroticism
  • Sextoys
  • Bisexual: yes
  • Duo: possible
  • Eroticism with two selected gentlemen (by arrangement)
  • Art and culture
  • Visits to the theatre, opera, concerts
  • Playing violin (very active)
  • Playing the piano (very active)
  • Visiting ballet performances
  • Current events
  • Politics/ economics
  • Lifestyle/ going out
  • Modelling
  • Cinema/ movies
  • Fashion/ design
  • Music (classical to rock)
  • Travelling and foreign cultures
  • Wellness (spa visits, massages)
  • Sports (combat sport, skydiving, swimming, fitness, cycling)

1. What is it about working as a luxury escort lady that appeals to you?

The attraction for me consists mainly in meeting interesting and stimulating gentlemen with whom I can also fully live out myself on an erotic level. In a firm relationship one is often limited in this respect and therefore escort is the perfect possibility for me to spend an intense and lively time together, which creates special possibilities for a unique togetherness by its clear frame.

2. What are the privileges of an Excellent Escort and what characterises one?

The biggest advantage for me is the meeting of selected gentlemen who know how to behave towards a lady. Furthermore, as an Excellent Escort I have, in Julia, a very committed and supportive partner, who creates the space for unforgettable experiences for me with her exclusive care.

3. Why was this agency your choice over all others?

Aesthetics and good performance play a special role in my life. Therefore Excellent Escort suits me like no other agency, because beauty and precision are also written in capital letters.

4. Do you have an erotic fantasy that you’d like to play out?

The answer to this question is extremely difficult for me, because I have too many (and always new) fantasies for me to be able to fulfil them all here… When I am alone with myself I often think of how I am gently seduced by an experienced man like you at first and then you hold me, until I beg you to take me with all your power. And that’s what you do… Until I can’t anymore… In my imagination, scenes of clear hierarchies appear, in which I get (gladly also in role plays) clearly told by you, what to do. If I don’t meet your wishes immediately, there may be a slight punishment, which leads to more… And if I did something well, I may experience sweet reward thanks to your gentle and persevering tongue…

As much as I love it, that things happen with me, it awakens also great desire in me, to seduce my partner. When he is shy at first and then slowly thaws while I undress in front of him… when he slowly loses his shyness, because he watches me like, where and with what I like to touch myself and he finally starts to kiss me passionately, then this triggers great anticipation for an initially reserved gentleman like you in me…

5. What are your dreams and ambitions in life?

Basically, I want to develop myself professionally and humanly in order to get an even more personal approach to life. The journey to the inner essence and to one’s own pure self can best be achieved through constant dreaming.

6. What is your secret recipe for a wonderful evening for two? What is your secret weapon?

Familiarity and carelessness are perhaps the most important preconditions for a successful evening. Such a mood arises automatically in me. Since I am far away from the usual everyday life at a date, this exciting letting go is also transferred to my company. If I have already met a gentleman, I will always come up with new and individual surprises for him, which will delight him on different levels. That’s all I can really say at this point…..

7. What three things would you bring to a desert island?

In any case, I would take a lot of music with me, then sunscreen with integrated mosquito repellent so as not to lose my porcelain tan and last but not least an empty book to write down thoughts and considerations.

8. Which work of literature has made the strongest impression on you and why?

One of my favorite works is “Death in Venice” by Thomas Mann. Since I got to know it through a John Neumeier play, I always associate this story with this ballet, which was very impressive for me. As a reader or as a spectator, I was so drawn into the themes of love, beauty, sick desire and death that I got the feeling that I was becoming an active part of the action.

9. Which philosophy of life do you follow?

“It just has to come from the heart, what should work on the heart” – J.W. von Goethe

10. Love is…?

… versatile and never constant at best. It can also be designed and is of essential importance. As so often, Goethe is best hit in one of his wonderful poems:


And sorrowful

Be thoughtful


And tremble

In hovering torment

Exulting to the sky

Sorrowed to death –

Happy alone!

“Is the soul that loves”

  • lady’s city of residence – 2 hours none
  • max. 150 km from city of residence

within Germany – 4 hours /150,00 EUR

  • within Germany, Austria and Switzerland

12 hours – 200,00 EUR + plane /train fare

  • within Europe

24 hours – 250,00 EUR + plane ticket

  • other countries

48 hours / 350,00 EUR + plane ticket


Contact & Feedbacks Danaë

4 + 0 = ?

Drawn, dreamt, dream.
Danaë lets everything disappear before her.
Her musicality, like everything else about her, finds expression of the highest femininity in the euphony of her voice.
The center of the storm is an eye of calm. Danaë has even let me experience this inner center with her.
Danaë, who the gods desire, as the name promises, has made herself immortal in a human being.

Dear Julia,
I wanted to thank you once again personally. It was UNBELIEVABLE! And many thanks for your compliment that Danaë can be seen with me in public. It increases my already low self-esteem massively ;))! Regards

Dear Julia,
with some distance and calm I would like to comment briefly on the encounter with Danaë last Saturday.
No wishes remained open, appearance, clothes and toys simply perfect. We had an entertaining evening with lots of fun and intensive exchange of experiences. The trip to Hamburg just for her was really worth it. Many dear and grateful greetings to you, maybe we will meet again sometime, would be very nice.
Kind regards, J.

Dear Julia,

the evening was strangely beautiful. I have no illusions and am only a paying client, but leaving this aside, I would know hardly how an encounter should succeed more beautifully than it was given to me! Perhaps you think: Poor guy! But that’s how it should be :-)!

Dear Julia,

thank you very much for arranging this wonderful date with the beautiful Danaë. Truly every centimetre a pleasure. On all playgrounds she remained absolutely sovereign in her role. As I have already briefly indicated to Danaë, I will soon actually be abroad for a few months. So she may not consider it her “fault” if I won’t be in touch for some time. Please pass on my thanks again for an extraordinary – addictive – weekend. Best wishes, also to you. J

Good morning Julia,
the evening was a dream! The ladies are unique and wonderful! Thank you very much for the organization and trust. Have a nice day and definitely see you soon. Best, R.

Dear Julia,
thank you for the perfect organization yesterday! I am happy to report that Danaë was in top form, accordingly we had a very good time together! A very successful evening.
Best regards

Dear Julia,

thank you very much for the exciting time with Danaë! You really didn’t promise too much. As graceful and sensitive as she seems at first glance, as explosive and erotic she turned in the further course of the encounter. For me the absolute surprise of the day. Chapeau!

Dear Julia,

thank you so much for the quick and pleasant response. Yes, to say it again: It was really a successful, eventful meeting that you really don’t forget so quickly. That’s why it went by so fast. A reunion with the two is therefore very likely. You are also very right if you think that giving presents brings me joy myself. The lovely laundry we bought in the Alsterhaus was of course also a pleasure for me, as I had fun with Abigail and Danae in the hotel room.

Now I’d like to have another meeting at the Frankfurter Hof in Frankfurt on the Main at the end of June/ beginning of July and I’m thinking about booking another lady from your agency, maybe one from Frankfurt. What do you mean? Can you recommend a nice lady who also suits me? Only for a few hours, without overnight stay. However, I will certainly book Abigail and Danaë again, certainly this year, but then later. Of course, I will inform you about the date as soon as I know it.

I wish you a beautiful holiday and

lovely greetings!

Dear Julia,

Danaë was great. Thanks for organizing. Love, B.

Hello, Julia,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Danaë once again for organizing the meeting in Hamburg. The date left nothing to be desired and I welcomed Danaë’s openness (sexually) very much. It was also nice that she took some lingerie with her (suspenders, corsage, boots), as I really love it!

Dear Julia,

it won’t surprise you that I enjoyed the perfect date again yesterday. Greetings also to Danaë, who I wish a lot of fun on her journey! M.

Dear Julia,

thank you very much once again for organizing my meeting with Danaë! She has realized my dress wishes and my ideas perfectly. She had prepared herself in detail for the role I intended her to play and thus filled it with remarkable authenticity. The self-description in her interview is very precise and true. In addition, she is an intelligent and empathic young lady who notices how important a successful evening is. Please thank her for a wonderful evening.

With warmest greetings


Hello, Julia,

the evening with Danaë was amazing and stunning!!!

Dear Julia,

thank you very much for the many enchanting moments in the past year. Without exception beguiling eroticism! Just like yesterday, when Danaë surprised me and at the same time proved her sense for details I appreciated: The desired long eyelashes and dark eyes! Divine. And in addition her cleverly draped alabaster skin, covered only by an elegant coat. Very tasty and stimulating!

May the year 2019 begins as 2018 ends.

Love and best wishes for the holidays and the New Year!

Stunning!!! Sensational!!! Not to be topped!!!!!

Dear Julia,

thanks again for the arrangement in Bremen. Danaë was again very inspiring in many ways.
And even if she had only half as much fun as I did, I am sure that she will – hopefully soon – give me the honour again.
Until then, longing greetings and a happy start into the week.


Dear Julia,

thank you very much for the top organization. Danaë left no wishes unfulfilled. I hope to see her again soon. Love greetings for the time being.

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