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More than just the Wagner Festival

Bayreuth lies in Upper Franconia and is famous all over the world for its Wagner Festival. If you visit this city, the Festival Theatre on the “green hill” – the Grüner Hügel – should be on your sightseeing list, but nevertheless Bayreuth offers much more. The city is best explored on foot: soak in the atmosphere of the town during an extensive stroll, and end it in one of the stylish pubs. If you travel to Bayreuth by yourself you don’t have to stay alone for long! Escort Service Bayreuth is happy to arrange a date with a charming escort lady, who will sweeten your time in the city in every regard.


The Bayreuth Festival, dedicated to the music of Richard Wagner, takes place every year between the end of July and the end of August. Those who manage to get hold of one of the sought-after tickets see opera at its best. Only the works of Wagner are shown in the Festival Theatre, and they draw celebrities from all over the world. The Festival Theatre can be visited all year round, and is also very appealing visually. Whether it be an opera visit or taking in the theatre’s architecture, the escort service in Bayreuth is happy to provide you with a companion for both occasions. An attractive escort lady, who has the necessary educational background, gives the visit to the Grüner Hügel charm and spirit. Escort Bayreuth places value on the fact that their escort ladies are not only beautiful but cut a fine figure in sophisticated cosmopolitan circles as well. A well-founded general knowledge and language skills can be expected from our ladies at any time. This is not to the detriment of their erotic appeal: after all, intelligence is sexy!


Right next to the Festival Theatre stands another famous opera house, the Markgräfliche Opernhaus. It is regarded as the most beautiful baroque theatre in Europe and is listed as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. Presently it is undergoing refurbishment and can only be viewed from the outside. Further architectural highlights are the New and the Old Palace. Both impress with their construction, their opulent interior, and their fantastic, well-kept parks. For a panoramic view over the city climb onto the roof terrace of the city hall. The layout of the city will unfold under you. A great last sight for your stroll around town is Villa Wahnfried. Richard Wagner has erected a memorial for himself with this impressive building.
Exciting nights in Bayreuth
The influence of the Bayreuth Festival can be felt throughout the entire city. Even outside of the opera season the city has an international air. Going out smartly dressed is en vogue in Bayreuth! With the fitting escort lady your evening begins at a good restaurant or at the theatre.

High Class Escort Bayreuth

With the help of Escort Bayreuth solo travellers and businessmen find young, attractive escort ladies, who will contribute that certain je ne sais quoi to Bayreuth’s nightlife. Our escort ladies offer everything a gentleman truly desires: impeccable manners, a stylish appearance, personality, and of course an enticing outfit. Why spend your nights in Bayreuth on your own when you are able use the services of an escort lady in a discrete way? Your stay at the Franconian city will become an unforgettable experience. By the way, Bayreuth offers an interesting nightlife scene for both the young and the young at heart. Various discotheques and trendy clubs are the right places to go when you want to hear something different than Wagnerian sounds.