25. Dezember 2017

Excellent Escorts wishes you tranquil Christmas holidays and a successful New Year. If it turns out as fruitful as we hope it will, reward yourself every now and then: Treat yourself to some relaxing hours with one of these five enchanting beauties – you certainly deserve it.

24. Dezember 2017

EE Cleo sounds the bell for Christmas Eve in a contemplative way. The pre-Christmas period can be strenuous, so we hope that Excellent Escorts has been able to sweeten it for you daily.

23. Dezember 2017

On the 23rd of December, Premium Excellent Escort Ophelia nestles up to the tree of knowledge and is willing to taste the forbidden fruit together with you… Whether you will be expelled from the erotic Paradise or not is entirely up to your good conduct!

22. Dezember 2017

On the 22nd of December, Excellent Escorts invites you to the ‘blue hour’. Enjoy playing out your erotic fantasies at the moment when the bright day fades into a dark, mysterious night full of heady sweetness.

21. Dezember 2017

Nestle up to my bosom, let my mind refresh you. On the 21st of December an irresistible Excellent Escorts beauty lures you into her golden dreams.

20. Dezember 2017

Many poets have searched for the blue flower – in the end Julia van Blixen had to discover it and presents to you love, longing, and metaphysical search in the form of a muse’s kiss on the 20th of December.

19. Dezember 2017

To say it in the words of Goethe: Toward gold throng all, To gold cling all, Yes all! Alas, we poor! Let yourself be entangled in a pair of golden legs and pledge yourself to hedonism!

18. Dezember 2017



















The world seems in full bloom, when Ava’s body blossoms – let our ravishing nymph lead you deep into the forest of your desires.

17. Dezember 2017

Lucky lips are always kissing, lucky lips are never blue, lucky lips will always find a pair of lips so true – this is the insight we want to share with you on December 17th.

16. Dezember 2017

You can hardly find a more beautiful shoulder for your head to rest on than the shoulder of Excellent Escort Ophelia – sweeten your grey winter days with the exotic beauty from the cold north!