• Jimmy Choo


To surprise an extremely attractive lady with a small gift is a very special pleasure, which “man” should definitely allow himself more often. There are many occasions in which an exclusive gift triggers not only great pleasure but also amazing reactions.

After all, the noble gesture is often rewarded extremely generously. Even our luxury escorts always come up with something very special to express their gratitude in an appropriate form. 

Women love gifts, they love luxury, and of course they also love shoes. What could be more obvious than to please them with extraordinary footwear. For example with this creation from Jimmy Choo. 

The exclusive sandals impress with perfect craftsmanship, a sensational design and a heel of about 10 centimetres. The soft black suede goatskin of the “Dochas 100 Sandal” nestles gently against the foot and forms an attractive contrast to the sparkling crystals that give the narrow straps a special shine. With his small works of art, the celebrated Malaysian shoe designer Jimmy Choo has succeeded again and again in presenting women’s feet in a unique way. It is therefore not surprising that the noble shoemaker has not only enjoyed great success with his shoe creations in the TV series Sex in the City, but also in numerous successful Hollywood films.


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Such exclusive events are of course the best opportunity to surprise your companion with the “Dochas 100 Sandals” and afterwards enjoy the amazing reactions in every respect. Look forward to a grand entrance, the admiring glances as well as the compliments, both of which are guaranteed. But all this is surpassed by what you will experience after the party with your luxury escort. The lady will certainly want to thank you in her own unique way for the generous gift and surprise you with extraordinary erotic acts. In the end, your gift will turn out to be a successful investment in unforgettable moments and indescribable feelings of happiness. It is especially pleasing that all this does not have to remain a one-time affair. Our luxury escorts will be happy to accompany you at any time on trips to hip tourist hotspots or as a sophisticated companion at important events. Enjoy the charming company of your favourite. Treat yourself to the pleasure of making ever new erotic experiences with her and celebrate life to the fullest.