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    St. Barth


St.Barth – that doesn’t just sound like holiday, beach and the feeling of luxury. First discovered in 1493 by Christopher Columbus on his second journey, the island was first settled by the Caribbean, an indigenous people. They first gave it the name “Ounalao”. Why the island, so famous with many stars and starlets, is called what it is called today is quite simple. Columbus honoured his brother Bartolomeo, who was named after his patron saint, Apostle Bartholomew. Honour to whom honour is due. Today, the island is above all a meeting place for high society and a popular retreat for people who have provided financially. Our clientele also loves to spend quality time there with attractive luxury escorts and returns more relaxed than ever.


Whoever dreams of a relaxing time with luxury escorts from time to time, would do well to travel to St.Barth. Of course, the dream island is not just around the corner, but the trip to it is still worth the effort. Saint-Barthélemy or also Saint Bartholomew, as it is also called, is an island of the Lesser Antilles and since 2007 an independent French overseas territory. The duration of your holiday should be at least seven to ten days, as the effort is simply too big. After all the travel time is about 15 hours. Due to the current travel ban, the autumn/winter season is recommended, which is however very expensive. What actually financially always is affordable is a small gift for your desired lady of luxury escorts. In this case “nomen est omen” applies.


In exclusive perfumeries and department stores you can fortunately find cosmetic treasures here and there. So also the products of “Ligne St.Barth“. Luxury escorts with style swear by the natural products, which are exclusively produced in the Caribbean. Whoever thinks that they are exclusively suitable for the care of skin and hair is very much mistaken. Especially for skilfully performed erotic full body massages, the elegant and vitamin-rich oils from the ripe avocado seem to be extremely appropriate. When the delicate scent of the tiaré blossom wafts around you and elegantly ensnares your lady of hearts, you could almost think you were dead and additionally in paradise. If you’re a fan of extensive baths, you should definitely ring in the “2.0 version”, because here too the oil can provide a relaxing atmosphere. Why this is very popular, especially with celebrities, is clear: it smells fantastic, is naturally extracted from the first cold pressing and contains essential unsaturated fatty acids that are good for skin and hair. It is almost even a fountain of youth, because it regenerates, increases the elasticity of the skin and moisturizes – an important topic for all those who want to become as old as Methuselah but don’t want to look like it. Our luxury escorts are of course very happy to help with the implementation and are always happy to receive small gifts!