“It is the lives we encounter that make life worth living.”  This quote, attributed to the French author Guy de Maupassant, is an aphorism that has lost none of its significance to this day. Spending happy hours in harmony with a special person is a priceless gift. Nonetheless, it should never be forgotten that these uniquely superb moments are not just a matter of course. And that is why it is important to surprise the people responsible for those experiences with a small (or not so small) gift from time to time. Expressing one’s gratitude with a personal present brings delight not only to the recipient, but also to the giver. When giving a gift, however, there are a lot of factors to consider. So it is crucial to find a present that is appropriate to the situation and does justice to the person in question. This also applies if, after a series of wonderful encounters, you would like to give a special treat to a lady introduced to you by our escort service. Thanking a sophisticated woman for the time you have spent together is a sign of great appreciation and respect. Especially if the relationship has existed for a long time, the gift may be a bit more generous. For example, in the form of an exclusive watch, such as the Reverso Classic Medium by the Swiss luxury brand Jaeger-LeCoultre.


Watch manufacturer Jaeger-LeCoultre has stood for exceptional watchmaking and the highest quality ever since its founding in 1833. The ingenious inventors and first-class craftsmen based in Le Sentier in French-speaking Switzerland have always impressed with their innovative ideas and perfect execution. These have allowed Jaeger-LeCoultre to develop an excellent reputation in the manufacture of exclusive watches for the luxury segment. The watchmakers also lived up to this reputation in the development and creation of the Reverso Classic. The design was developed in 1931 for British officers who enjoyed playing polo in India. The gentlemen needed a timepiece characterised by simple elegance, reliability and robust construction.
And so, Jaeger-LeCoultre created a watch where the case could easily be turned over with one simple movement. By doing this, the sapphire crystal on the front was effectively protected against damage and unwanted external influences – and not just during polo matches!
Turning the dial over revealed the back of the watch case, made of high-quality stainless steel, which was often personalised with the engraving of a name or an important date. The classic concept and shape of the Reverso Classic are still inspiring today. Combined with a black bracelet made of alligator leather, it becomes an accessory of subtle and yet noble style and, thanks to its moderate size, it is also suitable for ladies.
To be able to admire this watch, with its delicate silver guilloche dial, on the wrist of your favourite lady from our escort service, it is definitely worth demonstrating your generosity.


Naturally, thanking an escort service with such a high-value gift isn’t an everyday activity. However, if you have known the lady for some time and have enjoyed her excellent service several times already, then it may be the time for a more exclusive gift. While your escort will be delighted about the generous present and the associated recognition of the services provided, you too will be filled with joy and satisfaction at the sight of your radiant companion. And it goes without saying that this kind of acknowledgment gives the ladies of our escort service an incentive and obligation to repay your kindness with wonderful and unforgettable hours together.