Sometimes a man’s best feature is the beautiful woman at his side!

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When it comes to men and women, it is often said, and in many cases is true, that a man’s most precious jewel is the woman who walks by his side. For good reason: successful men are often accompanied by strong, attractive women with a commanding presence, not only because of their striking beauty, but also their charisma, their je-ne-sais-quoi. Because being aglow on the outside is of little use if there’s an ugly person underneath. As such, the platitude that real beauty comes from within does actually contain a great deal of truth. Truly beautiful people always enchant those around them with their likeable and intelligent nature, alongside their external appearance.

The answer to the question of what is generally regarded as beautiful is largely dependent on the culture and the prevailing tastes of the time. And although the latter is subject to constant change, there is still something of an eternal ideal of beauty that defies all vogues and trends. Symmetry and balanced proportions have always been a defining feature of beauty. When measuring attractiveness, however, it always comes down to personal preferences. Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder! And the beholder’s predilections are entirely subjective. This diversity of personal tastes and preferences is also reflected among the ladies of our escort service. They are not only beautiful in the traditional sense, they are independent personalities with individual inner and outer qualities. Thanks to our large selection, our clients are able to find their perfect match. It’s the ideal combination of visual beauty, intellectual allure and charming personality that makes our ladies so desirable. Many of the gentlemen who use our services therefore have their own personal favourite, whose company they regularly enjoy. Once they have found a favoured femme, the question that often arises is what small gift to get her to put a smile on her face.

Each of our ladies loves receiving thoughtful little presents, especially when it comes to things that will make her even more attractive! Exclusive leather gloves, such as the Marmont number by Gucci, clearly fall into this category. While the finest lambskin leather enhances the outward appearance of these elegant gloves, the 100% cashmere lining represents the intrinsic qualities of this compelling demonstration of fine craftsmanship. The zigzag pattern of the stitching on the back of the hand is a defining feature of Gucci’s Marmont line. The bag that matches these gloves is also characterised by this zigzag effect. And of course, it’s impossible to miss the most distinguishing feature – the famous Gucci logo.


The name Gucci is synonymous not only with select luxury fashion and beautiful designer pieces, but also with a fascinating company history.
It was the year 1921 when master saddler Guccio Gucci opened a modest workshop in Florence, making high quality leather goods and luggage items. His small masterpieces inspired the discerning customers so much that he decided to open further branches all over Italy. However, it did take some time for his business to finally break through. This happened thanks to his bamboo bag, created in 1947, which he designed to sport a bamboo handle due to the material shortages after the Second World War. The unusual design, which had been born out of necessity, became the starting point for the saddler’s international career; he went on to establish his company worldwide until his death in 1953.

Right up until today, the creations of the Gucci house have been characterised by an assured sense of style and the highest quality in design and workmanship. Even when the company’s international expansion was just beginning, the designers at Gucci sought inspiration from equestrian sports. This also played a crucial role in the design of the logo. Since the mid-1960s, Gucci’s products have featured two interconnected stirrups, which also illustrate the initials of company founder Guccio Gucci.

The Italians’ worldwide success was the impetus for expanding their range of products. A fashion line was created in the 1970s which was first presented in a fashion show in 1981. Seven years earlier, Gucci had already entered the business of luxury perfumes. Exclusive perfumes for women and men have been a part of the luxury brand’s portfolio ever since then.

In the 80s, the company slid into a crisis, caused by family disputes over ownership, that threatened its very existence. As a result, the investor group Investcorp International from Bahrain and the USA acquired 50% of the shares in 1989. As part of the restructuring, the American Dawn Mello, who had previously been chief buyer at Bergdorf Goodman, was appointed top designer at Gucci. This was the first time in the company’s history that a person not belonging to the founding family was at the forefront of Gucci’s design department. A complete takeover by Investcorp International took place in 1993. To enable the takeover, Maurizio Gucci, the grandson of the company founder, first paid all the other heirs. However, Maurizio Gucci did not get much enjoyment from his proceeds from the sale. In 1995, he fell victim to an assassination attempt, for which his ex-wife was later blamed. In the same year, trading in Gucci shares began on the stock exchanges of New York, Amsterdam and London. In 1998, the company’s headquarters relocated to the British capital on the Thames.

The end of the family disputes and the reorganisation of the company marked the beginning of luxury brand Gucci’s re-emergence. However, the growing success soon provoked desire among the competition. And so, in 1999, a fierce bidding war began, which would last until 2002. Several parties battled in court to obtain a majority interest in the Gucci Group. The trigger for this economic thriller was the owner of the LVMH group, Bernard Arnault. He had started to buy more and more shares in the company. These activities fed Investcorp International’s fears of a takeover. In response to the threat, Gucci manager Francois Pinault called for help from the luxury goods group PPR. This enabled it to bring 99.4% of Gucci shares under its control by 2004. Thus, the struggle for the luxury brand was finally decided. Shortly after the end of the takeover bid, stock exchange trading in Gucci shares ceased permanently. Since then, the company has belonged to PPR’s successor company Kering.
Despite the business turmoil, the Gucci brand has always been synonymous with luxury and elegance. Naturally, the label’s elegant creations by internationally acclaimed fashion designers also bring delight to our chic escort ladies. They are therefore always welcome as a token of your affection. To see the radiance and joy at receiving such a gift is also a fantastic experience for the giver, one that won’t be forgotten any time soon.


Just as unforgettable, though, are the exciting yet relaxing hours spent with the sophisticated ladies of our escort service. Having an attractive companion at your side makes a trip to a concert, vernissage or any other cultural event a truly special experience. Our ladies are well-versed in the unwritten laws of high society, as well as the rules of sophisticated conversation.
The ladies are also in their element as companions for an exclusive dinner. After all, who wants to enjoy a celebrity chef’s latest creations at a Michelin-starred eatery on their own? Everything tastes twice as good in the company of an attractive woman. Especially when the pleasures of the culinary delights awaken an anticipation of what may be yet to come. It is up to you and your bewitching escort service belle to decide how dessert is going to look. Whether, after your culinary excursion, you prefer to carry on your evening in a trendy bar or in the intimate atmosphere of a luxury hotel suite, is entirely dependent on your wishes and needs. An engaging conversation in an exclusive environment may be just as stimulating as an erotic adventure, for which our ladies are of course also available. In the end, it’s always a question of personal preferences to determine whether the encounter with your chosen escort lady remains a one-time affair or whether the experience makes you want to rendezvous again. A good few of the gentlemen who make use of our escort service quickly find their personal favourite, who they then book to see regularly. Our extensive selection of sophisticated, educated, enticing ladies means you are sure to find the ideal woman for you. We invite you to peruse the assortment. We’re certain that one of the ladies of our escort service has exactly what you have been looking for for so long.