“All theory is grey, but the golden tree of life is ever green…” So says Goethe in the first part of Faust, and as ever, he was quite right. Let one of the charming companions of our exclusive escort service carry you away from the bustling metropolis into an Elysian oasis of peace and deep relaxation. And naturally, the best place for this is the heart of the forest. You’ll be greeted by every shade of green, exquisite fresh air and the sound of birdsong, all of which can work wonders for man’s castigated psyche. The use of nature’s healing powers has long since ceased to be a secret, and there are now numerous wellness oases and forest spas that can realign your mind and soul and revitalise your whole being. Naturally, a trip as a couple is much more enjoyable than going solo: either take your wife or a very attractive student of a high class escort service – the latter could prove to be much more entertaining. Youth, nonchalance and esprit de vie have always exerted a magnetic pull on the male sex – not necessarily a bad thing for the gentlemen of the world. After all, it is well known that the mind is willing and only the flesh, in certain moments, is weak.


This question is a justified one, but it can be answered very easily. The spa concept is derived from the town of Spa in Belgium, which has been a famous and popular health and bathing resort since the mid-16th century. The thermal baths were mainly favoured by the English, which is why the word caught on there, and is nowadays even sometimes thought of as an Anglo-Saxon expression. Ever since then, thermal baths and mineral springs have been referred to as spas. The Americans – as is their way – went a step further, using the term to mean a “health and wellness facility”, which more than lives up to the concept as it stands today. Even the Romans had already coined a phrase “sanus per aquam”, meaning “health through water”. In essence, it is always a question of man’s well-being. What could be a better means to this end than water – after all, it constitutes more than 80 percent of the human body. Health is hereby boosted via various methods that are tailored to the individual’s needs and utilise many techniques beyond water itself. Thermal baths, massages, treatment programs, Kneipp therapy, sulphur baths, visiting brine grottos and sauna complexes, unwinding in relaxation areas, numerous fitness facilities, individually tailored nutritional concepts, cosmetic treatments, detoxing. The latter is a move towards “medical spas”, which are enjoying ever greater popularity. Physiotherapeutic treatments, medical massages, nutritional advice and detoxification are the focus at these establishments. How agonising these measures will be depends entirely on your current constitution: the less you’ve been looking after yourself, the harder the sessions may get. In that case, it would be great to share this experience with a beauty from our escort service. After all, a trouble shared is a trouble halved! But beware: it may well be that you’re so relaxed or exhausted that you fall asleep much earlier in the evening than you might like. Of course, if this is the case, it’ll be no problem for your lovely lady to surprise you with an erotic morning wake-up call. Below we have summarised the most beautiful forest spas between Finland and Bavaria, including a detour to beautiful Switzerland. Turn back your biological clock a few years by enjoying a relaxing and exciting time with your dream woman from our escort service. Who knows, maybe after a few days of successful recuperation, the following quote will ring true for you too:

“Only the forest could bring all things to calm within me; my mind was strong and at ease.” (Knut Hamsun)


What’s the first thing that springs to mind when you think of Finland? Chances are, it’s saunas. The perfect way to relax. If you’re looking to escape the current heat wave, the best thing to do is head far north. Here in the midst of nature, you and your charming companion from our escort service can indulge in the Finnish sauna tradition and inhale the heavenly surroundings. The setting emanates an ineffable tranquillity, inviting you to fully relax. Situated in the middle of the Arctic forest, the site offers three private saunas that are in the form of futuristic cubes. These could even be “abused” as a viewing platform for aurora-spotting. Infusions of the ingredients from the Arctic forest – locally sourced, of course – have a soothing effect on both body and soul.



The name “Strandhaus” means “beach house”, which may raise a question or two, considering that the Spreewald forest is just southeast of Berlin, a good distance from the coast! The answer is about as clear as mud: in 1930, the main house was run by a master confectioner, under the name “Strandkaffee” or “beach café”. At the time, people liked to play around with the term “beach”, using it to convey senses of holidays, relaxation and “sun, sea and sand” to their guests. Since 2013, however, there actually is a beach nearby, so the name is finally justified. If you’d like to treat yourself to a soothing St. John’s Wort bath, an invigorating whey and horsetail compress or an aromatherapy back massage, this is the place for you. The Spreewald biosphere reserve covers a fairly large area, offering numerous options for relaxation and leisure activities. Truly unique views await you, as well as lots of cosy places to cuddle up as a couple. Relax and unwind with your lovely lady from our escort service in one of the private cubes, and drift into unconsciousness, snuggled together. Silly season? Not here; that’s a guarantee.



In the midst of the Sternberger Seenland nature reserve and about 15 kilometres away from the Hanseatic city of Wismar, there is a wonderful privately-run hotel right on the shores of Neuklostersee lake, sure to delight you and your companion from our reliable escort service. With great attention to detail, 26 rooms and suites have been transformed into divine love nests, sure to raise the hotel guests’ pulses. The two of you can enjoy a brush massage with sweet birch oil, which will detox you and leave you feeling reborn. All this stimulation of the immune system means that previously untapped energy is now available to you for fun and games in the boudoir. Additionally, there are plenty of interesting destinations right on your doorstep, including Schwerin, Wismar, the “White City by the Sea” Heiligendamm, Güstrow and Bad Doberan. So it’d make sense to schedule a few days there, giving you time to get a good look at everything.



Minds plagued by stress will start feeling totally at ease in this attractive hotel. This exclusive spa retreat in the small village of Klais near Garmisch leaves nothing to be desired – it boasts a fantastic location on the one hand, and it also offers an extremely high level of service. Both mountain lovers and forest fans will be equally in their element here, as the hotel’s setting provides the best of both worlds. Drink fresh spring water from the hotel’s own spring – take this opportunity to hit the “reset” button and give yourself a fresh start. A wide array of outdoor activities, such as walking, guided hikes and mountain bike tours, will get tired bodies moving again. Later on, those aching muscles might appreciate a soak in the heated onsen bath or saltwater pool, where your bewitching belle from our escort service could be waiting for you after a dynamic yoga session. Numerous sauna facilities invite you to sweat and detoxify; there’s even a separated area for the ladies, offering more discretion. In culinary terms, too, no wish will remain unfulfilled – the hotel is highly trained in responding to food intolerances and will make adjustments to suit your individual needs.



For those who want to combine exclusive comfort with the charm of the Belle Époque, this is the perfect place. Experience the top-class hotel world and find yourself not only captivated by the mountains of Flims, but also having an unforgettable time with your enchanting escort service dream girl. The hotel was recently named the best spa hotel in Switzerland by the Spa & Health Awards and is actually one of the top three spa hotels in Europe. It would be a tremendous error not to travel here. Spontaneous forest lake bathing takes on a whole new meaning with the Waldhaus Grand Hotel’s recently redesigned bathing pond… what could be better than taking a plunge in mountain spring water? In the building itself, you’ll find a variety of steam baths, a Swarovski Physiotherm cabin, and much, much more. Anyone with a penchant for special treatments shouldn’t miss the circulation-enhancing quartz treatment, stimulating herbal stamp massage or relaxing Tujetsch therapy. Later in the evening, enjoy the culinary delights that the hotel has to offer, a perfect pairing of high-quality ingredients and top-level service. Hungry patrons can expect fantastic gourmet experiences and exquisite creations, which almost border on the erotic…


Don’t let the rush of time bother you and enjoy the numerous possibilities of relaxation and recreation in an entertaining and highly erotic company. Your always discreet and serious escort service will be happy to help you choose the right lady.