Anyone who thinks that the heart of a beautiful woman can’t be won with a fine pair of swimming trunks should think again. After the month of May showing off its best side, and as temperatures continue to climb, it’s high time to visit the most stunning beaches in the world with a beautiful lady from our renowned escort service. The focus now is no longer on your lovely companion’s tight bikini, but rather on your shorts, which should be multifunctional – not just covering the essentials, but hanging a little longer, giving a slender look. This was the thinking of journalist Fred Prysquel in the 1970s when he wanted to impress his love on the beach of St. Tropez. Proving himself creative not only with words, he designed entirely new swim shorts – a cross between boxers and surf shorts, printed as colourfully as possible, so he would stand out from the crowd. His creation, made “out of love”, was an instant hit, and turned the journalist into a fashion designer overnight. You’ll see for yourself how they set hearts aflutter, if you give our escort service a try…


Some people may well wonder what a crankshaft has to do with swimming trunks, Vilebrequin being the French word for crankshaft – true, it is a rather unusual name for swimwear, but Prysquel is a passionate racing driver and just couldn’t resist baptising the shorts accordingly. Who knows, maybe the name is simply a form of programming, to give the wearer the feeling of having more “drive”… your exquisite lady from our escort service will gladly forward your report to agency management. Of course, this doesn’t detract from the triumphant procession of the trunks: from St. Barts to Sardinia, men still wear them to this day; almost every man has one in his wardrobe and adds the latest model to his repertoire every year. The formula for success is based on mixing the right balance of fantasy, elegance, quality and style. The man of the world needs at least seven pairs for a full week: every day is different, and moods vary – especially on holiday! Different mood, different design, different style.


It’s a well-known fact that for women, starting every January at the latest, the worries of the impending swimsuit season set in, and condemnations of love handles begin anew. Men, as we all know, are also prone to going somewhat out of shape over winter, but this usually interests them very little. For all those who are nevertheless bothered by having four kilos in the wrong places, there’s light at the end of the tunnel: even if they have a less favourable build, there is still hope. While the sturdier woman of the world can always clothe herself in an elegant swimsuit, her Adonis could don the “Moorea” model, Vilebrequin’s bestseller. With their exceptionally flattering cut, these swim shorts suit absolutely all body shapes. If you find yourself getting a little hungry in the meantime, throw on a white oversize cotton shirt or even a polo shirt and saunter to the terrace by the pool or to the nearest beach bar with your attractive escort service companion. In this piece, it’s impossible to be underdressed. Take your swimwear out for a spin… how about St. Tropez? Below we’ll give you some tips for this ever-popular hotspot.


Saint Tropez remains one of the most beautiful and glamorous destinations for the tourist who likes to see and be seen. The small fishing village is indisputably a magical attraction for the many celebrities whose luxurious yachts line the harbour. It has however lost a little of the charm that it once exuded in the days of Brigitte Bardot and Gunter Sachs. Nonetheless, the few summer months are still wonderful, and the people who have internalised the savoir-vivre here have a truly infectious love of life. If you enjoy good food, these restaurants are sure to suit you:

1. “L’Opéra” restaurant

This very well-attended restaurant is located on one of the most beautiful terraces of Saint Tropez, overlooking the harbour and bell tower. The white and gold décor, combined with artwork by contemporary photographer Philippe Shangti, creates a modern and luxurious setting. There is a superb atmosphere during the day, but the place really comes to life at night. Alongside the variety of delicious dishes, there are also magnificent performances from live dancers and performers on the central podium tables. In fact, the L’Opéra restaurant is so unusual (and even a little eccentric) that it has caught the attention of many celebrities, such as Antonio Banderas and Will Smith, making it one of the hottest venues in Saint Tropez.

2. “Le Quai” restaurant

On the opposite side of the harbour is Le Quai, which is in fact connected with the L’Opéra. As in L’Opéra, the Le Quai restaurant displays artworks by Philippe Shangti and features several artists and shows based in his art world. The concept of the lounge bar is to serve you and your escort service beauty extravagant aperitifs and cocktails in the piano bar, before you enjoy French and Asian fusion cuisine together. Here, too, there are dancers, performers and top DJs who all know a thing or two about entertainment.

3. “Dior des Lices” restaurant

If your world is one of high fashion, the Dior des Lices restaurant will be the perfect fit for you and your elegant escort service companion. This is a cool pop-up restaurant outside the Dior boutique with a beautiful backdrop, perfect for taking selfies. The building dates from the 18th century and is an architectural jewel in the heart of Saint Tropez. Enjoy the light summer menu, created by three-starred Michelin chef Yannick Alléno and served on immaculate Dior porcelain, in the company of one of our charming ladies.

With flattering swim shorts, a stunning companion and the right holiday destination, there’s nothing standing in the way of your relaxing getaway. Enjoy life, love and pleasure – we are always glad to be in touch with amicable, stylish and pleasant gentlemen.