A simple title for a topic that is straightforward enough, but which – especially in times as volatile as these – is really essential for the body, as our biorhythms are increasingly determined by external factors. The body is constantly being ignored – and on purpose! The idea of the “siesta”, so popular in southern climes, has an almost bitter taste in Germany, where discipline and hard work are prized above all. A midday nap is still very frowned upon, conjuring up an image of an unseemly slacker, which is certainly not a look you will find in the couture of the catwalk. Sleep should happen at night, at least, once you have passed kindergarten age, and retirement is still far off in the future. Anyone who sleeps during the day is signalling their idleness for all to see. Even whilst working for an exclusive escort service, sleeping is not too gladly seen, even though it lies in the nature of the matter. Different countries, different customs: if you want to test a bed at Ikea in China at lunchtime, be warned – all beds are guaranteed to be occupied. What sounds a little funny at first is in fact based on a fundamental right to sleep, which is enshrined in the Constitution. The Chinese are legally entitled to take an hour’s afternoon nap to replenish their energy reserves, depleted all too quickly by Asia’s rapid working pace. They are by no means as selective as the ladies of first-class escort service agencies, for whom a cosy king-size bed is a very popular choice. In China, people slumber peacefully and unassumingly at desks, in bank branches or in the park. In Spain, South America or Italy, the day’s important transactions are ideally never scheduled between 1 and 4pm: roads are almost empty, shutters are closed, the work ethic drops to zero – whole cities turn into oases of peace. It would be a very bad idea to bother a tradesman during this time. In this respect, the Americans are more advanced than the system here: over there, 30 minutes of midday rest is almost seen as a good thing. One can and should dream… wouldn’t it be rather fine to spend the midday siesta with a sexy companion from our renowned escort service?

Powernaps – potent energisers for daily life

Bearing in mind that great thinkers and creatives like Goethe, Schiller, Dalí and Einstein all swore by daily naps, you should do the same. In fact, between noon and 3pm we have reached a lull in productivity and our energy noticeably diminishes. The brain becomes sluggish, blood pressure drops – perhaps not so much in the company of a breath-taking luxury escort, but here we’re talking about a usual day. In addition, motor function slows down, reaction times decrease… daydreams interrupt productivity – you’ve fallen into the afternoon trap! This natural daily low can be perfectly explained in three sentences. The reason is simple: the circadian rhythm – our internal clock – follows its own rules. If performance drops at lunchtime, it is time to replenish your energy stores with a full meal. As a result, however, blood travels from the head directly to the digestive tract and a feeling of fatigue sets in. Of course, highly attractive luxury escorts could help, but where on earth to take them at midday? Then the only option is to hold out, or simply take a catnap yourself. From a purely genetic point of view, the human body is dependent on having two breaks within 24 hours to relieve stress and process its daily impressions… which could include the highly erotic impressions that were experienced horizontally with luxury escorts the night before! The advantages for the body are obvious: you become more receptive, charisma increases and you are quite simply more focused than those who carry on working. There are even exciting scientific studies on this subject. Brain scans show that the activity of the right side of the brain, which is responsible for our creativity, is much more intense if we allow ourselves a little break. A powernap like this is recommended in many regards: the nervous system powers down, breathing rate reduces and becomes more regular, blood pressure and body temperature drop – the body’s key functions are put on a “low flame”. But how do you make sure you are napping properly?


  1. Switching off at noon on command is not a given for everyone, doesn’t work as well in a strange environment, and depends on many factors. It should be comfortable, cosy and a little darkened… but how can you achieve this in your office? Below are some tips and tricks that only apply if the employer has agreed to the idea, and have nothing to do with booking a luxury escort:
  2. Sometimes, the simplest way is the best – write a note asking not to be disturbed and hang it on your office door. This is ideal for people who have an individual office.
  3. Those who spend their working day in a larger communal office are best off with ear plugs and an eye mask. You could even have something like “Sshhh…” written on it… if someone does not respect your wish for peace, he can take a look at this! After all, it’s always good to maintain a sense of humour.
  4. Bearing in mind the premise that the midday siesta is a good thing, it is worth sitting back, relaxing and putting your legs on your desk – a great reason to finally sort out the holes in your socks!
  5. Set an alarm: whether you’ve fallen asleep or simply dozed, don’t forget that the dose makes the poison. The siesta should not last more than 20-30 minutes, because this is sufficient time for the body to regenerate. Those who stay in the land of nod for any longer run the risk of slipping into deep sleep. Too much sleep at midday could also disrupt the natural sleep rhythm in the long term. A study by the California Pacific Medical Center shows that just three hours of sleep per week is enough to create a feel-good effect.

For all those who would rather not sleep during the day, but would still appreciate a refreshing boost in the afternoon, going out into the fresh air is probably the best solution. The daylight signals to the body that it can get back to work and increases the motivation needed for the second half of the day. Lunchtime massages have become a big trend in the USA, but this has not yet found its way into Europe. Just like the afternoon nap in German offices… Some people probably have no choice but to continue going to bed with the chickens – but we still advise you to do so with charming luxury escorts!