Marrakech is known as the “Pearl of the South”, and for good reason. There is nowhere else quite like Morocco’s capital city, where the mysticism of the Orient and the opulence of modernity meet in a truly magical, captivating way. If you are looking for an extravagant break, don’t hesitate to arrange a trip with a breath-taking lady from our exclusive escort service. The two of you can enjoy luxurious oases of calm, shopping trips, excursions into the desert, exquisite hotels and the pulsating nightlife. Why should only the stars get to enjoy the blend of luxury and culture? You can do the same by planning an unforgettable journey into the world of One Thousand and One Nights with our charming luxury escorts. You may not cross paths with Scheherazade, but you will certainly be greeted by authentic hospitality and a range of cultural highlights. Take a special journey through time, and you will be rewarded with impressions that will resonate throughout your life. The journey itself can be arranged according to your budget, but on this occasion you should definitely treat yourself to the best of the best: after all, you only live once. Marrakech itself lies north of the High Atlas and is, along with Fez, Rabat and Meknes, one of the four royal cities that Morocco has to offer. Translated from the Berber language, Marrakech means “the land of God”, and there is a lot of truth to this. Founded in around 1070 and having become tranquil after some civil war-like conflicts, Morocco is still a hot destination for many tourists from all over the world, who derive great pleasure from exploring the country. Since the 1960s, numerous artists, stars and patrons have settled in Marrakech. At this point it is essential to mention star designer Yves Saint Laurent, Arndt von Bohlen and Halbach, Richard Branson and the Austrian artist André Heller. Particularly when accompanied by a charming escort service lady, it will not be too much of a problem to feel completely at ease and to indulge in the much quoted “dolce far niente”.

“Far too late, many comprehend their neglected life goals. Therefore, man, be wise in good time – High time it is: Travel, travel!” J.W. von Goethe

Even if we are almost certainly aware of this truth, which Goethe knew well, we still go travelling far too seldom. Why not change this with a luxury escort beauty who loves to travel, and experience the magic of the Orient together. Not only is it the meeting point of Orient and Occident, but also of the Middle Ages and modern times, which began to fascinate western tourists about 60 years ago. At that time there were hardly any cars, and many everyday things were done with the help of mules, camels and carriages. You could see friendly people everywhere; enchanted alleys invited you to explore them, in Jemaa el-Fnaa square you could listen to storytellers, snake charmers, Berbers with monkeys or carpet dealers – whether these could fly remains unconfirmed. The Moorish architecture fascinated and mesmerised visitors. And even today, tourists visiting the country love the riads that open inwards and reveal beautiful gardens, incomparable chambers and spacious porticoes. Whether you can feel at home there will be different for everyone – perhaps you’ll miss Europe with its organisation. Connoisseurs say that they are almost a “better person” in Marrakech, which is due in part to the unparalleled warmth of the locals. People like tax consultants, employees or maybe even your wife are quickly forgotten here. Test out this theory with a dreamlike lady from our escort service and let yourself be intoxicated by the foreign culture. With a few extra dirhams in their pockets and a luxury escort dream girl to wander through the numerous colourful streets with, anyone can feel fortunate here. But be careful – there are said to be four prices in the numerous souks: one for locals, one for tourists, one for newcomers and one for the Japanese. The latter are probably rather unappealing! But even this does not cloud the joy of the numerous impressions: bright colours, wonderful scents in the air, colourful fabrics, embroidered slippers and the radiant smiles of the Moroccans. Haggling is expressly desired – a possible bargain can then be discussed over a hot, much too sweet mint tea. Sugar is an expression of appreciation in Arab countries – if you want to follow a diet, you should consider it postponed. In Marrakech, the motto “live and let live” is followed enthusiastically to this day. That was exactly what lured the jet set.


Wicked voices claim that the jet set is nothing more than the embodiment of “maximum outfits with little insight” – today more than ever. Back at the time when Marrakech was just in the process of becoming a “place to be”, it still existed: the true jet set, consisting of a colourful mixture of intellectuals, noblemen, political celebrities and artists. The pioneers were stars like Andy Warhol, Mick Jagger or, as already mentioned above, the unforgettable Yves Saint Laurent. While it used to be the opium caves and extravagant parties that enticed, it is now the art, luxurious hotels and relaxed atmosphere, which you should dive into with our luxury escorts. Today, stars like Gwyneth Paltrow come over to detox and others, like the Bulgari family or the Bransons, to buy enchanting riads reasonably affordably, restore them and sell them on for at least as much. The Krupp villa is currently on sale and is expected to cost around 3.5 million euros – for all those with enough cash, the villa is more than affordable. Famous sons of the city, among them the fashion icon Saint Laurent, are still being given venerable monuments. Right next to his house in Rue Yves Saint Laurent and opposite the Jardin Majorelle is the breath-taking fashion and art museum mYSLm (musée Yves Saint Laurent Marrakech), which some of the ladies of our escort service have already visited. Saint Laurent was a human being here, and he was allowed to be. Together with his partner Pierre Bergé, he settled here from 1966, found inspiration in the colours and achieved an inner equilibrium. In a very affectionate letter, Bergé wrote to YSL:

“It was sex and my desire to let you discover everything, yes, that was the engine for it: our love, our fashion house, our collection, our life!”

Undoubtedly, they were a devoted couple who loved each other until the last hour, embodying the motto of “live and let live”. Since its opening in October 2017, there have been queues of people in front of the museum. With the architecture of the building, Studio KO succeeded in an unparalleled stroke of genius: depending on where the sun hits, light and shadow play their very own game with the reddish brown masonry, from which an artistic meshwork emerges. Accompanied by a fashion-loving luxury escort, marvel at the Mondrian collection, the “Le Smoking”, dresses from the Garden, China, Africa and Russia collections – anyone who appreciates the history of fashion knows that these are absolute icons of the industry.

One night has many stories to tell…

Someone who hears the word “Morocco” and thinks of a traditional belly dance with somewhat demure ladies should think again. Belly dancing is sexy, too. Visit the “Comptoir Darna” in the Medina with a lady from our escort service – while enjoying a delicate lamb tagine you can discreetly tuck some banknotes into a sexy dancer’s exquisite panties, but be careful: perhaps not right in the presence of our luxury escorts, who will be keeping more than just an eye on you. Rich Moroccans and wealthy tourists party into the early morning hours in the VIP room until the sun comes up! Lovers of oriental dance will be in their element at the Lotus Club. Enjoy hot demonstrations with your dream woman, accompanied by exquisite food and a bottle of champagne that is ready for you before you take your seat – planning is everything. Those who prefer it a bit quieter will love the restaurant “Terrasse des épices”: high above the city, you can enjoy both the romantic view and the varied, diverse cuisine. Here are some more hotspots to visit with luxury escorts or those who may wish to become one after a less successful relationship:

1. Ling Ling

The Hotel Mandarin Oriental holds a very special pearl for its visitors: make sure you book a table in the restaurant in good time and a seat at the bar for afterwards: great emphasis is placed on people-watching here, and promises a very high entertainment factor.

2. Maison Arab

Staying in this exquisite riad hotel is reminiscent of the One Thousand and One Nights. Have a splash in the luxurious hotel pool during the day and be pampered by a top Asian chef in the evening.

3. Al Fassia

If you like a traditional, authentic experience, Al Fassia is the place for you. It is one of the best restaurants in town, famous for its regional delicacies.

These are just some of the mouth-watering opportunities that await you – a highly attractive lady from our escort service will be happy to act as an “add-on”. Have fun in Marrakech!