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Relaxation begins with the choice of accommodation!

Plan your escape from everyday life and pamper yourself by choosing the right hotel. Besides its unique nature, the area surrounding Munich – especially in and around Garmisch – is full of individual hotels that offer a wide range of wellness treatments. As a sophisticated escort service we recommend the four-star superior hotel “Error! Hyperlink reference not valid.” where you can really relax and unwind. The location alone is phenomenal: it lies in a quiet, sheltered mountain valley at over 1,000 metres above sea level and is only 15 km from Garmisch-Partenkirchen, therefore only a stone’s throw from Munich. Enjoy the pure beauty of nature with your Escorts Munich companion and let the truly magnificent mountain scenery rejuvenate you. From the hotel, you’ll have a wonderful direct view of the Zugspitze and find yourself in the middle of a forest and a lush mountain meadow that stretches over 130,000 square metres. Walking barefoot in the morning dew is always such a pleasure. Get a peaceful night’s rest with the window wide open – the fresh, clear mountain air ensures a sound sleep and refreshes your cells with an extra dose of oxygen. Because there is no road in the immediate vicinity, there is no troublesome traffic to keep you up. Furthermore, the hotel is completely focused on the relaxation of its clientele: public events and noisy concerts aren’t to be found here. Instead, you’ll find plenty of peace and quiet, and a very friendly service staff who will anticipate and fulfil your every wish. The stylishly renovated Kranzbach, known locally as the “English Castle”, was built over a hundred years ago by the English noblewoman Mary Isabel Portman and features a magnificent fireplace room and five beautifully decorated salons. In the more modern garden wing, the décor is dominated by wood and glass – it’s better to stay here as a couple, as the bathroom doors are also made of glass and therefore offer somewhat less privacy. It does, however, give the wing a particularly fresh and light look. Another highlight is the very spacious bathhouse with five pools and eight different saunas. It even features a saltwater pool, which is particularly suitable for sensitive skin and is said to have a healing effect. In summer, the spacious lawn invites you to unwind: numerous blankets and comfortable deck chairs allow you and your Escorts Munich lady to fully relax. Yoga lovers are well catered for with separate yoga rooms and terraces. If you’re not in the mood for precise stretching exercises, you can of course go hiking, Nordic walking, take aqua-fit or qi-gong courses, book cycling tours, or even play golf. There are numerous high-quality golf courses in the surrounding area, all of which heartily welcome guests of the Kranzbach. You can of course then book a subsequent massage or a luxurious beauty treatment. The hotel is also popular for fasting programmes or detoxes, which are particularly successful in this idyllic setting. Treat yourself to a break, carefully select the right lady from our escort service and escape into a world of harmony and serenity. It would be rather lovely to return to daily life feeling rejuvenated – we’d be very happy to contribute to this!