It is undisputed that wristwatches are the handcuffs of the modern age, but they have become – for both sexes, mind – an important piece of jewellery and an expression of individual personality. With the right watch on your wrist, you can show the world who you are or want to be – ideally, these will be consistent. In fact, it can’t be denied that an exploratory gaze or two will fall on a watch first and that you can at least partially determine which drawer someone is to be pushed into – superficialities, perhaps, but nonetheless small building blocks that can gradually complete the mosaic. Whether every man is a gentleman just because he owns a luxury watch remains to be seen. In fact, luxury escorts experience the full range of human activity in a relatively short time, and even here, watches cannot always serve as a suitable indicator. One very special brand, however, has particularly appealed to the Escorts Düsseldorf ladies: Cartier. For women with a distinct sense of aesthetics, the Tank model is not just an elegant timepiece, but has now become an unparalleled style legend. Admittedly, for a piece of jewellery, the name of the model sounds remarkably martial. Viewed from above, they were reminiscent of the English Mark IV battle tanks used in the First World War. Designed in 1917 by Louis Cartier, a French jeweller, the watch caused a sensation: the massive lugs of the strap really stood out, the dial was rectangular and had nothing in common with the then very popular round pocket watch. However, sometimes with watches it is the same as with women: the longer you look at them, the more beautiful they become. Sadly this is not quite the case in the luxury escort sector. Every detail must be right from the start, otherwise the opportunity to make a great first impression is missed. In the case of the Tank, which was given to US General John Pershing as a thank you for the liberation of France from German troops, one can certainly consider it a worthwhile investment – it is a watch that expresses the attitude to life of entire generations, and is proudly worn by the Escorts Düsseldorf ladies. It definitely has cult status – not least because of its numerous prominent fans!

“A beautiful watch shows us the time, a beautiful woman makes us forget it” – Maurice Chevalier

Once upon a time there was a watch that went out to conquer the world, and managed to do so in no time at all. This is by no means a fairy tale, because the triumph of the Tank is a fact, regardless of how the story is interpreted. As early as 1926, Rudolph Valentino, a silent film star of the time, succeeded in being allowed to wear this watch constantly, regardless of the scene. Of course, it did not always fit with the historical timing of the films, as in “The Sheikh”, for example, but it was chic and beautiful to behold, especially as it perfectly demonstrates the transition from Art Nouveau to Art Deco. The Pop Art icon Andy Warhol, who could spend whole nights discussing art, philosophy, and the hippest hotspots in New York, wore a Tank as a matter of course. Nevertheless, for him it was not needed as an indicator of the time, as he categorically never wound it. He also had very little interest in the innovative technology of the watch; he was only interested in the exquisite design.

“I don’t wear a Tank watch to tell the time. Actually I never even wind it. I wear a Tank because it’s the watch to wear.” – Andy Warhol

… were his exact words. For Gunter Sachs, the watch was a symbol of nonchalance and underlined his elegance, which he reportedly embodied with every pore. Even Jean-Charles de Castelbajac once wrote in an essay: “If all Tanks were made by Cartier, we could live in peace!” In the mid-1970s, rockstars, Hollywood stars and artists such as Andy Warhol and Truman Capote contrasted the classic timepiece with truly eccentric looks to individualise themselves and add that certain something to their style. Birth gifts, also known as “push presents”, are still popular with women all over the world: Princess Diana received a Tank with gold housing and a black leather strap from her husband Prince Charles for the birth of the heir to the throne, Prince William, in 1982; some Escorts Düsseldorf ladies like to combine this piece with many of their outfits. Princess Diana owned several specimens of the cult watch. Even long after the end of her marriage, it kept adorning her wrist – it is and remains an eternal classic, which our luxury escorts also covet. For many other celebrities such as Gary Cooper, Johnny Hallyday, Jacky Kennedy or Catherine Deneuve, this unisex treasure was or is an absolute must-have: the elegant, rectangular design with the classic crown, which is set with sapphire cabochons, became a milestone in jewellery design, and for good reason. Today Jacky Kennedy’s watch belongs to the social media phenomenon Kim Kardashian, who bought it in June for as much as 379,500 US dollars. Unfortunately it is not known whether the former wife of the president is now turning in her grave with grief.


Taste is a matter of debate, and style still cannot simply be bought. But one thing is certain: nobody has to be super rich to be able to afford a Tank de Cartier. The entry price for simple models is about 2,000 EUR and is therefore the same outlay as a 12-hour booking with an Escorts Düsseldorf lady, who is guaranteed to be very pleased with such a lovely present. The elegant timepiece is available in various designs and materials: from steel to platinum, with or without diamonds and a wide variety of straps – here, the customer is and remains king. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the exclusive brand, which has been part of the Richemont Group since 1997, two Tank Cintrée Skeleton versions were launched, of which just a hundred are available worldwide. However, these are not so affordable to come by: one watch, without extras, costs at least 50,000 EUR, which is slightly beyond the purses of even well-booked luxury escorts. The question of whether one really needs a Tank cannot be disputed in principle, because there is only one clear answer: absolutely. The watch is an eye-catcher par excellence, but can also hold back in the right moments – almost as perfectly as the experienced Escorts Düsseldorf ladies, who combine the watch with both sporty chic outfits and more elegant gowns. One thing is for sure: if your smartphone’s battery should fail in the meantime, you could actually take a glance at your Tank to check the time!