Dubai is a popular destination, especially among those who want to flee the winter, for sun worshippers, and luxury lovers. In no more than six hours you and one of our dream girls from Escort Frankfurt can easily reach the capital of the Emirate of Dubai and give yourselves to the life of luxury with body and soul. The biggest city in the United Arab Emirates, also known as Dubai City receives more than 14 million tourists a year and has developed into the economic, social, political, and of course cultural centre of the Emirate. What it boils down to: This is where the action is. Every year the city’s population grows by 10,000 – new inhabitants who seek their fortunes here and are always welcome as long as they contribute their share to the success and the growth of the city. Check out the colourful city life with one of our High Class Escorts and marvel at the oriental diversity, the hospitality and the exuberant friendliness of the locals. A short break refreshes body and soul and new impressions broaden your horizon… those who travel have stories to tell!


Learning from the Emirati means learning how to win. There are good reasons why Dubai is one of the most-visited cities in the world – this place encourages change so it can reinvent itself over and over again. The motto here is: “If you don’t go forward you go backwards, so keep your eyes on the future!” Sheik Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Motoum is a master of making dreams come true. Within a few years he has managed to remake Dubai into a lifestyle destination and to satisfy inhabitants, immigrants, local companies, and tourists alike.

Simply observe the realisation of the huge ideas in person with your dream woman from Escorts Frankfurt and experience the overwhelming richness of facets that you will find in modern and historic Dubai. The city is young, dynamic, modern, and full of zest for action – to have a good time here is pretty easy. Taste the Orient’s sweet nectar with one of our attractive High Class Escorts and be enchanted by tales from One Thousands and One Nights. This place almost seems like a Fata Morgana in the sand until you realise it’s nothing but reality.

Dubai – pearl of the Persian Gulf with a big entertainment factor

Dubai City itself lies at the northern edge of the Emirate Dubai at the border with the Emirate Sharjah. In the south it is bounded by the Sheikh Zayed Road and Jumeirah Beach, where several luxury hotels are located. Swim with your bathing belle from Escorts Frankfurt in the luxurious infinity pool on the artificial island of the Burj Al Arab Hotel that for many visitors is something like the city’s unofficial symbol. By the way, the hotel’s name translates as “Tower of the Arabs” and its height of 321 metres puts it on rank four among the tallest hotel buildings in the world. The architecture is as unusual as the idea itself and became a sort of trademark. Its sail shape, which is intended to remind of a modern yacht, makes the hotel unmistakable. On the one hand the shape symbolizes Dubai’s past as a centre of sea trade and at the same time looks into the future as the city itself does. The initial design was done by Tom Wright and the realization cost more than 1,5 billion dollars. By now the beach project “La Mer” has picked up momentum and some fantastic locations can already be found near Jumeirah Bay: Great restaurants and countless shopping options which of course will let the hearts of our High Class Escorts sing.

“It’s easy to define good hotel management: The guests leave happier than they have come.”

The holiday begins with the choice of the proper accommodation that of course should be comfortable enough to spend some rainy days there. The risk of extended rainfall in Dubai is slim, but some luxury won’t hurt, will it? Let us present to you the top choices among the innumerable hotel options. The following three hotels are sorted by ascending price per night:

1. Burj Al Arab

If you want your hotel dreams to come true, this luxury hotel of the special kind is what you are looking for. The architecture is breathtaking, the service distinguished, and the ambience is simply otherworldly. Spend your time here with your Escorts Frankfurt companion in luxury, elegance and design at its best. Hot-natured personalities will appreciate the new, luxurious swimming deck – relax while sipping on a nice cocktail and let the sun caress you. There is also the possibility to book a discreet cabana if you want to get away from overly curious eyes. Those who can afford it will find the perfect hotel experience here.

2. Beit Al Bahar Mansions

One of Dubai’s best-kept secrets is the exclusive mansion complex Beit Al Bahar which may well be your next travel destination. Lodge with one of our High Class Escorts in one of 19 perfectly furnished mansions in the Arabic style where the butler service is of course included. Enjoy true comfort in front of a stunning backdrop, enjoy the tasteful surroundings as well as the very attentive service that will anticipate your every wish. If this still isn’t enough for you, you also have exclusive access to the sister hotel “Jumeirah Beach Hotel” and its twenty restaurants and bars – there’s certainly no need to starve. The noble private beach offers maximum privacy and discretion.

3. The Royal Atlantis Resort

A glimpse into the crystal ball reveals that in 2019 a hotel of superlatives will open its gates: It will be absolutely spectacular, will set new standards and surpass any known luxury – no small feat in Dubai – and will certainly leave you and your Escorts Frankfurt companion speechless. As the sister hotel of the famous Atlantis The Palm Hotels, similarities are almost genetically necessary. However, new shapes and brilliant design ideas will create a completely new architectural interpretation. Some areas will make you feel transported back into ancient Roman times… but we don’t want to spoil it for you by giving away the details, better experience it for yourself. The rooms and suites will of course be furnished exclusively and lavishly – just like you would expect from a billion dollar project. In case you lose track of your companion at some point, you might find her at the luxuriously designed Givenchy Spa… Just follow the beauty trail! But careful: It will not be particularly cheap here either – make sure your piggybank is stuffed and ready to be gently slaughtered!