Aspen is not only one of the most popular high-society ski locations of the world and meeting point of the international jet set – here one is human, here one is entitled to be! Wearing furs is not frowned upon here at all and there are daily sightings of ski bunnies so attractive that they seem to be chiseled out of marble. Reasons enough to travel with a lady from Escort München to Colorado to witness the glamour and also some of the decadence in person. Once Aspen was nothing but a sleepy hamlet in the West. In the 1950s, however, it was discovered by some Hollywood stars and declared the centre of winter wonderland. Bordered by Utah in the West, Wyoming in the North, Kansas in the East, and New Mexico in the South, the state of Colorado is not an obvious destination for celebrities. So what makes this place so special?


Whether it’s the exuberant luxury or the breathtaking nature that draws celebrities to Aspen you will have to decide for yourself – in the end it is the combination of both factors that will enchant you and your ski bunny from Escort München like so many visitors before. “Live and let live” is the motto here, and you can choose exactly the program that you fancy: Every form of luxury is on offer, beginning with magnificent hotels that welcome solvent guests warmly. We strongly recommend you pick one of the following three hotels on your trip with one of our Luxury Escorts:

St. Regis – As romantic as it gets

The favourite hotel of stars like Paris Hilton, J.Lo or Uma Thurman impresses through sheer elegance and grandeur. Cuddle with your companion from Escort München while holding a nice hot chocolate or a blissfully sparkling glass of champagne in your hand and watching the flickering flames of the hotel lobby’s open fireplace. You cannot possibly have a more romantic finish for your skiing day. Fans of the hotel also love its oxygen lounge – after a long day in the snow the invigorating oxygen treatment effects miracles!

2. The Little Nell – Discretion for you and your luxury escort

If you value discretion highly, this is just the place for you. An underground tunnel leads ski aficionados from the hotel right to the ski lift. The wishes of the hotel guest are individually considered, for example you will be able to choose from a personalised menu, after you have been asked for your preferences. Spoiled gourmets will be in heaven at Hotel Little Nell. Stars like the married couple Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds love this hotel’s certain je ne sais quoi. Follow their example and book today!

3. Jerome – a legendary place in Aspen

About 130 years ago, a night at Hotel Jerome cost merely three dollars– today that’s quite hard to imagine. Stay with a beauty from Escort München in this place that has housed Hollywood stars like Michael Douglas or the irresistible Jack Nicholson. Even multi-billionaire Warren Buffet lay his tired head onto the eiderdown of the comfy beds. A good place to spend a hot night!

Experience the American version of St. Moritz

Actually the small town of Aspen has only 7,000 inhabitants but still presents so many different facets that the place remains popular: On the one hand it offers luxury boutiques from Chanel to Dior, many five-star luxury hotels and wickedly expensive chalets. On the other hand, Aspen – a former silver mining town – can appear very calm, relaxed, and even spiritual. The town’s ecological footprint is so small that it’s spectacular – Aspen is an inspiring example. The half-pipes for the snowboarders are made from soil instead of snow which saves the region fifteen million litres of water. If your companion from Escort München treats herself daily to a invigorating bath this wouldn’t be too outrageous therefore. In addition you can save water simply by joining her in the comfortable tub. You are spoiled for choice: If you are an ambitious skier, you best go for a luxury escorts with a double black diamond level, who can master the steepest slopes most elegantly. Enjoy with your companion the gentle slopes of the Snowmass or the idyllic mountains of the Buttermilk ski area, before you pay a visit to one of the popular bars or restaurants:

1. Cloud Nine

For party creatures who rather spray precious champagne around than drinking it, Cloud Nine” is the place to be. Those who want to study nightlife like a university subject are in the perfect location and will have to pay their dues to the Lionel Richie song “All Night Long”. Party, celebrities, and rivers of alcohol are a daily occurrence here. The view from 3,000 metre altitude is breathtaking – your Escort München companion will be speechless.

2. Ajax Tavern

If you had to pay for people watching, this would be the place to become a millionaire in the blink of an eye. Take your winter goddess to this very sophisticated bar and treat yourself to Pommes Allumettes with fresh parmesan and truffles. If you like people watching you will have a field day here. Thoroughly refreshed you can take the Silver Queen Gondola back to the valley, and make your way to your luxury suite where you can snuggle up to each other in style!

 3. Bootsy Bellows 

“Let’s dance” is the motto here – if you still have energy and want to dance the night away, the Bootsy Bellows will be pure bliss for you. Co-owner of the bar is actor David Arquette, who named the bar after his mother. The sister location – a nightclub of the same name – can be found on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles. Dance with your companion from Escort München until the break of dawn and laugh life in the face!

To sum it up: Aspen is definitely worth a journey but you have to bring the necessary funds – pleasures of any kind are costly. That begins with our much sought-after Luxury Escorts who make any vacation a unique experience!