Many will know the family name “Schnabel” from the tabloids – after all, due to his liaison with German top model Heidi Klum, everybody is talking and writing about Vito Schnabel. Whether their love story will be revived or not will certainly be reported soon enough, but for now let’s focus on his father: Julian Schnabel. Since January 11 2018 German arthouse cinemas are showing a documentary about the filmmaker, artist, and bon vivant that is definitely worth watching with one of our attractive luxury escorts. The Italian director, Pappi Corsicato, draws a very personal portrait that lovingly retraces the development of the “enfant terrible” in all details. Schnabel’s career took an unusual course: From surfer, chef, dandy, father of several children, and filmmaker, the arch is artfully drawn to Schnabel the artist and thus to the present. Born in 1951, this man – who is able to cater to almost every artistic genre – is something of a jack of all trades who continuously re-invents himself and is open to experiments – and that’s exactly what makes him so interesting and popular… not only among women.


It is not entirely unreasonable to dress in a generously-cut pyjama – especially when you need a lot of freedom of movement for arms and legs. By now the pyjama has become a personal trademark that Schnabel wears with abundant confidence on any occasion. He is most famous, however, for his huge works made from broken cups and plates that introduced something entirely new into the art world in 1979. Thus he became one of the foremost members of neo-expressionism, an art movement that turned its back on the then-popular Informalism and dealt with figurative painting in particular. Art lovers will know Baselitz as “the” German representative of this movement that returned to a way of painting defined by an expressive imagery, gestures, and symbolic charge. The “Neue Wilde” were born: On an international level, besides Julian Schnabel, artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, and Kenny Scharf have to be mentioned.

…and Action!

Since the 1990s, Schnabel has directed several extremely successful films that have received various awards. In 1996 he shot a movie about his friend and fellow artist Basquiat who died young. Four years later, “Before Nights Falls” with Javier Bardem in the lead became another big success that even received an Oscar nomination. Schnabel’s final breakthrough as a director came in 2007 with “The Diving Bell and The Butterfly”. Thereafter followed various awards in Cannes and at the Golden Globes. His documentary about Lou Reed also was a big success – Sharon Stone in the leading role does not necessarily guarantee a good movie but is always a great choice… for those who – like Schnabel – have the “basic instinct”!

Because I can!

That’s one of Julian Schnabel’s mottos. His live is so multifaceted and versatile because his mindset allows him to realise his plans and to finance himself at the same time – the latter aspect is quite important considering the number of ex-wives and children. Here as well, the film allows insights into his private life: Schnabel painting, Schnabel playing with his youngest children at the beach, Schnabel with his older children Stella, Vito, and Lola from his first wife as well as the twins Cy (named after the artist Cy Twombly) and Olmo from his second marriage. Like father, like son: Vito’s penchant for supermodels is no coincidence – right now Julian is seeing Lykke May Andersen, who he also has a child with. He doesn’t need to worry about the continuity of his family therefore. His main residence is the Palazzo Chupiin Manhattan, New York City. It is built in the style of Italian palazzos and unites everything what a heart could desire from real estate. Schnabel loves big spaces – this comes as no surprise as he grew up as the son of Polish Jews who escaped the Holocaust and couldn’t offer him much material wealth in his youth. Such an upbringing leaves its mark and therefore it is easy to understand how dreams and visions of “more and more of everything” develop and stay with someone for their entire life.

A man to speak his mind!

Directness is not the main quality of the artist or our Luxury Escorts, but Schnabel is known to speak his mind and to express his opinions pointedly. As head of the family and individualist, Julian Schnabel is famous for dealing with things in his own way.  The film puts the master on a pedestal, there his hardly any controversy – he seems larger than life and that is certainly one of the goals of the portrayal. After all, the artist and the director can look back on a long friendship. Criticism has simply no room here. Whether this leaves a slightly bitter aftertaste is up to each viewer. Nevertheless the film is definitely worth watching, especially for those who love art, rebellion, and a wild life. If there is one thing Julian Schnabel cannot be accused of, it is jumping on bandwagons!