Christmas is just around the corner. For some people, escaping the ubiquitous seasonal stress and treating themselves to a relaxing getaway is a real lifeline in the pre-Christmas hustle and bustle. Experience a few hours of respite with our attractive high class escorts, who – especially in the stressful Advent season – are always up for doing something scandalous. Anyone who is as “sinful” and imaginative as this agency’s sexy elite escorts should of course be rewarded from time to time. The classics are always appreciated, and are a timeless essential in every high class escort’s dressing room. Those who are usually at a bit of a loss when stood in front of a boutique’s showcases and displays will be very pleased with a small bag from Italian traditional label Bottega Veneta, which translates as “Venetian studio”. Give your deluxe escort service femme fatale the timeless “Knot” clutch, which is not only a fashion statement, but has also become a firm favourite in our fashion-loving escorts’ bag collections. There are ever so many options when it comes to bags, but you really can’t go wrong with this small, extremely practical number.


The brand’s signature characteristic is the intrecciato technique, which is braided manually with strips of satin. This handmade method makes them not only unique, but also an unmistakable accessory. The icing on the cake is their decorative trimmings, which are made of snake leather from Indonesia. Great things come in small packages – this doesn’t just apply to some of our high class escorts, but also to this coveted piece. The size says nothing about the content: in fact, the clutch offers ample storage space for all of your high class escort‘s favourite things. It can comfortably house her smartphone, a seductive lipstick, house keys and the quintessential powder compact. When it comes to colour, you could deliberate for days: the coveted clutch is available in many classic tones, so you’re spoilt for choice. But the light grey, as shown here, is always a winner. It is a neutral tone that can be paired in many ways. But black is also a perfect all-rounder and should not be missing from any bag collection. The knot-detailed clip closure, the label’s signature, skilfully rounds off the design. Allow yourself the pleasure of giving your fabulous companion this “it piece”, guaranteed to make her very happy.

Tradition meets quality – present your high class escort with a label that will dazzle her!

Bottega Veneta is synonymous not only with timeless elegance, but also with style, quality and luxury. The Italian fashion label has always been famous for its unmistakable leather accessories. Founded in 1966 by Michele Taddei and Renzo Zengiaro, its rise was inevitable from the very beginning. The company began by focusing on the production of handcrafted leather accessories. For this, the masters of the company developed an unmistakable technique of braiding that is still very popular today: the intrecciato, which has become emblematic of the brand. Did you notice? Bottega Veneta is one of the few labels not to have a logo on their bags – understatement instead of exaggerated showiness is one of the things that buyers value so highly in this brand.

Logo – no thanks; sustainability – absolutely!

“When your own initials are enough” – that’s how the label started advertising in the 1970s, and this was successful right down the line. Then, in the ’80s, the brand rose to become the jet set’s favourite must-have. In the 1990s, the company suffered a temporary blip: bad decisions and a change of course led to some big losses. When the Gucci group took on the label around 2001 and appointed renowned creative minds like Thomas Maier, who had previously achieved great success for Hermès and Sonia Rykiel, it began to rise again. The aim of his first move was to bring the original identity of the label back to light, which he succeeded in doing: no showy label, and an emphasis on craftsmanship and the wickerwork pattern. If it worked back then, it can’t be bad today. And this turned out to be a winning formula. Over time, other product groups such as wallets, key rings, card cases, sunglasses, luggage and furnishings were introduced – all of which are also great gift ideas for the high class escorts of this agency. The first ready-to-wear collection followed in 2005 – Bottega Veneta began making waves in the fashion world. Today, there are around 140 stores worldwide successfully distributing the label. The future also needs to be borne in mind: Bottega Veneta is very carefully considering its options. In 2006, the brand founded the “Scuola della Pelletteria”, a school that wants to maintain leather craftsmanship for future generations.

Most wanted – not just with escort ladies

As well as our high class escorts, many stars and starlets are also fans of the popular label. Andy Warhol, for example, made a film about the brand in the 1980s and naturally the big names in the creative industry, such as star photographer Steven Meisel, Annie Leibovitz, Lord Snowdon, Stephen Shore, Nick Night, Lauren Hutton and Larry Sultan, were brought in for the advertising campaigns. Of course, this who’s who of artists didn’t need to be asked twice and were happy to offer their services in the advancement of the brand. Whether you treat your escort girl to a clutch or another product by Bottega Veneta is entirely up to you. In any case, it’s true that any elegant escort would gladly receive such a gift, big or small. The joy that comes from giving a gift can lead to even greater ecstasy. There are many ways that your kindness can be repaid. A tender kiss, a big hug and an exceptional achèvement in the boudoir are certain to come your way. Feel the youthful, firm skin of your high class escort and let the delicate scent of her body bewitch you. Intense and authentic eroticism is not always a matter of course, even in the high class segment, and is therefore all the more beautiful when there is true feeling behind it. Enjoy your time with one of the beauties of our renowned escort service and let these lovely ladies please and surprise you as you kick-start the new year.