“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” We all remember the halcyon days of childhood when we would be read the Grimm brothers’ fairy tales before we went to bed. Fairy tales gain their name from the fact that they don’t conform with reality – they are stories of miraculous happenings. However, in the case of the fairy tale “Snow White”, the above-mentioned question is an everyday one in the bathrooms of many women across the country. As for who’s the fairest of our escort service – the answer is up to you. To ascertain this, you’ll need a well-filled piggy bank and of course the time and leisure to peruse our entire portfolio. The inclined gentleman would notice that all our escorts are not only very naturally attractive, but also particularly well-groomed and stylish. This is where men can make a small contribution. You can decide for yourself what form this might take. Since women usually sacrifice a lot of time for their appearance – some are even the proud owners of a nice little dressing table – the addition of more make-up tools would be a great gift idea. Surprise your bewitching beauty from our exclusive escort service with the “Essential Brush Collection” by star make-up artist Kevyn Aucoin. Born in 1962, the make-up artist, photographer and author has been interested in make-up since very early childhood, trying it out on his siblings and subsequently photographing the results with a Polaroid camera to document everything in detail. Incidentally, he still makes use of one to this day.


Aucoin’s path to fame was not easy: initially, he stole make-up from department stores, but then, fearing being caught at some point, gave in and took the “bourgeois” path. His homosexuality, which he discovered at the age of six, led to bullying at school from both students and teachers. These experiences shaped him, but by no means broke him – he ambitiously pursued his goal of becoming a make-up artist. Aucoin trained as a make-up artist and, with his talent, subsequently taught a few courses before moving to the exclusive Paris department store Lafayette and later to New York – the place where everything is possible. It’s no coincidence that it’s called “New York – concrete jungle, where dreams are made of” – it is both the city of dreams, and the place where dreams come true. For men who appreciate uncomplicated arrangements with attractive ladies, a reputable, trustworthy escort service is indispensable for indulging in a relaxed break from everyday life. The more attractive the companion, the higher the prestige factor by which the ladies are undoubtedly judged – it all comes down to the degree of attractiveness. This is where our tip comes into play: the 14-piece brush set by Kevyn Aucoin really is invaluable, and should be one of the basic utensils of every woman who likes to take care of her appearance. The difference between these and other brushes lies in the precision with which make-up can be applied. This comprehensive palette ranges from the truly indispensable powder rouge brush to the unique flat contour brush, which has been produced according to Aucoin’s strict specifications. All brushes can be stored perfectly in the portable imitation leather case in your luggage, ensuring your stylish fashionista’s beauty case stays neat and tidy. At just under EUR 500, this is a more modest gift for the high class companions of our escort service but remains an elegant option. We can assure you that presenting this well thought out gift to your belle will be rewarded with hugs and cries of joy – we then recommend testing it out and seeing the effects straight away.

Enjoy carefree time with a high class escort

Men who spend hours and hours every day in the office and on the plane wish for womankind to be uncomplicated, humorous to coquettish, intelligent and at the same time as sexy and tantalising as possible. This doesn’t have to just be wishful thinking. Seek out and compare various companies that offer an escort service. Communicate your wishes clearly, openly and thoughtfully so that your dreams actually become a reality. Imagine how exciting such an arrangement could be – and which dormant spirits might be awakened in you thanks to hours of laissez-faire pleasure. Enjoy the radiant laugh, youthful, firm body, innovative ideas, the esprit and depth that a top-class escort can offer you. Even if your “relationship” is time-constrained, the differences from “reality” don’t necessarily have to be spelled out. Rather, this planned togetherness is often far more pleasant than being in relationships that may have been stuck for a long time, in which each person has the role attributed to them and can’t escape it. Our tip is always: make your life as comfortable and smooth as possible. Let us take care of the planning – your task is to simply be “in situ” to enjoy life to the fullest!