“Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” is not only the song that made Marylin Monroe famous as Lorelei, but also a whole attitude to life. The experts say that behind every happy man is a happy woman. Take advantage of this wisdom and nonchalantly test the theory on a living object: how about one of the ladies from our exquisite escort service? You have free rein here – from the attractive student to the successful entrepreneur, our portfolio is broadly diversified. Whether gentlemen only prefer blondes remains to be seen, because all our high class escorts are a delight – although perhaps not the most affordable one… It’s also a fact that no kiss in the world can ever compete with the beauty of things that sparkle and shine – diamonds, for example. They are perennial, with enduring value, further beautifying an attractive lady in every situation in life. In times of turbulence, they allow you to maintain poise, and can give you energy in bad times too. If you find yourself at a loss in a jeweller’s before your next dream date, a remedy can be found: visit one of the fine boutiques of the traditional Swiss company Chopard and confidently choose your escort service enchantress a very special souvenir.

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The key to getting a woman’s heart racing is not such a well-kept secret: carefully chosen items of jewellery that enhance every outfit. If the ears of your lovely escort service companion seem to be missing something, then handmade heart-shaped earrings may be just what’s needed. Chopard’s 18 carat rose gold “Happy Hearts” earrings have been lovingly made in Germany and decorated with numerous diamonds, which have a value of over 0.8 carat. Give this charming pair to a person who has a special place in your heart. The stones sparkle with every little movement, the light refracts itself manifold, looking immensely flattering on the proud wearer. Of course, there’s also the matching necklace, which would be a nice addition to the earrings, but don’t shoot your bolt immediately. There is a time for everything, and it certainly won’t be the last meeting that our escort service arranges for you. Good things take time – it may take a number of meetings before you determine if you wish to give a gift in the first place. And until you’ve discovered “that”, take full enjoyment in the unbelievable eroticism that your sinful siren will treat you to. Let every rendezvous become a special, mutual experience, in a class of its own.


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