You are looking for a way to centre yourself in this overstimulating world? Why don’t you escape the urban noisescape with a sound bath?! In the past, sound journeys and sound baths were only happening in esoteric centres and generally frowned upon. Now the Far Eastern relaxation treatment is beginning to become a mainstream experience as more and more wellness and yoga studios offer relaxing sessions. The goal is to harmonise body and soul with sounds and vibrational energy that also counter everyday stress.

We are surrounded by sounds all day: The ticking noise of the traffic light,  conversations, car horns, doors being slammed, radio muzak, Whatsapp  messages – in short: the omnipresent sonic backdrop of the metropolis which envelops us throughout the day, sometimes pleasantly, sometimes annoyingly, until we fall asleep. Stress already begins when we wake up and it increases in intensity during our waking hours! We know that sounds play a crucial role in our lives and in our perception of the world that we also process in our sleep. In various cultures, sounds have been used therapeutically for thousands of years. Thanks to yoga we all know mantras from the Indian culture or the healing songs of many indigenous peoples in America – each and every example of this acoustic expressions serves one purpose: To move from a feeling of imbalance to a feeling of inner harmony.

But how can we find the space and time in our Western world to distance ourselves from outside influences and to focus on ourselves? Sound baths can be a helpful tool to create a bridge to our selves – and might even open the door to other relaxation techniques like meditation. Regularity is key here to dissolve stressful situations and dissonances in your own symphony. In order to do this, your brain activity has to be slowed down until a state of deep relaxation is achieved. For a sound bath, structural elements like rhythm are not employed. After a session you will feel just like after a pleasant massage: That means total relaxation, as all tensions and resistances have dissolved into sound.


It is important to entirely give yourself to the immediate experience, this is not the moment to observe or analyse yourself. You should simply experience the sound and stay present. Only in this way the sound bath can unfold its curing effects and reach all levels of the brain. You will be carried deep into yourself, will have direct access to your inner world, and can sink into it entirely. Traditional instruments are used, like Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, gongs, or tuning forks. Besides its wellness effect, sound baths are also used by some therapists: It is supposed to help against sleeping disorders, anxiety and fear, depressions as well as stress and pain management and even Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Sounds work like music: They touch the soul.

How does this kind of therapy work? The singing bowls are placed on a person’s body before they are chimed. Its vibrations travel through the entire body. Considering that human bodies consist of 70 to 80 per cent of water -which is a great conductor – it comes as no surprise that the vibrations over time resonate all over the body and activate your innermost core: Tensions disappear, self regulating forces are activated, and energy is released. And don’t worry, at each singing bowl session the client’s particular case is assessed individually before the appropriate singing bowl is selected. Don’t postpone it, dive into the sound and wash away the “bad vibes”!