…Alternatively, they wear them on their feet, namely in the form of this exclusive high heel. Our top class escorts tend to aim high. Their first choice of route is via luxurious designer shoes, which are not only beautiful but also highly exclusive. The Italian fashion house Dolce & Gabbana has come up with something very special, presenting a noteworthy highlight in its current autumn-winter collection: the rose-decorated luxury satin sandal. The delicate straps are made of black satin and nestle elegantly around the slender ankles of your high class escort, who can hardly wait to present herself to you. Ideally, of course, this should be based on reciprocity. Perhaps you already have your sights set on a special event, perhaps requiring not just the infamous little black dress, but also elegant footwear to match, decorated with fine emerald-green and rosé crystals. The back of this dream shoe is particularly distinguished: the roses swirl elegantly along the heel, giving an effect that is both lively and luxurious. At approx. 11cm, these heels offer a fair amount of height, stretching the leg wonderfully and giving your companion a graceful silhouette.


That too is one of the truths of life. If the shoe is good, the battle already counts as half won. These sandals not only create a slender silhouette, but also draw all eyes to our high class escorts for all the right reasons. The price is steep, but fully justified. At 1,500 euros, you may have to dig a little deeper into your pocket, but they are very much worth it. There’s no debate as to their quality, and let’s be honest now: what could be more beautiful than a squeal of delight from a young, sexy lady? Bring joy to your vixen and fulfil one of her girlhood dreams with a gift that she’ll treasure. What remains essentially hidden from men is the “GSSC”. I’m sure you’re wondering what this abbreviation might stand for. It’s very simple: a “Girl’s Secret Shoe Collection”.  Please don’t confuse this abbreviation with the famous GFE, or Girlfriend Experience, which all our service’s high class escorts love experiencing. Women take comfort in looking at their treasures in good times and bad. Ideally, they have their own dressing room or even a shoe room where they can go and enjoy observing their collected works. Especially on days that aren’t ideal for walking, visiting the shoe room really does work wonders. You leave the grey of everyday life behind you and enter a completely ideal world full of nothing but sophisticated designer highlights. Much like memorabilia, these are dearly cherished. It may well be that some of these dream shoes have never been used before, but this doesn’t bother true shoe aficionados – they know that at some point, the right opportunity will come along.

High heels conquer not just worlds, but men’s hearts too!

Isn’t that the truth? With the right shoes, you’d almost think you owned the whole world. Treating your enchantress to the right pair of heels doesn’t just provide a long-lasting emotional high – it also gives your ego a boost! Try out this theory for yourself during your next rendezvous with a stunning escort, perhaps when she accompanies you to an exclusive party. Incidentally, many gentlemen also find it extremely arousing when a woman wears a wicked pair of high heels during their amorous play. There are many possibilities: feel free to ask for this in one of your next bookings – the assortment is elegant, classy, high quality, and ever so sexy. Let our high class escorts accompany you to your next event, and shine together on the red carpets of this world!

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