…Only figuratively, of course. But a luxurious gift can be very desirable for our high class ladies. A “Panthère de Cartier” bracelet of 18 carat yellow gold bracelet and black lacquer studded with tsavorite and onyx is a perfect choice. The bracelet is the epitome of pure luxury and true sensuality. A sensuality that the panther shares with the high class escort wearing it, because she is always revealing new facets of her nature: sometimes she is a huntress, then later she’ll show her playful or cuddly sides. Louis Cartier tamed this wildcat in a brilliant way. His colleague, Jeanne Toussaint, also drew inspiration from it time and again; the legendary animal of the Maison Cartier has been part of the collections since 1914. The Panther by Cartier stands for strong and self-confident femininity, which in the 1920s was a symbol for the liberation of women. It is no coincidence that Cartier also called Jeanne Toussaint “La panthère” – she had extraordinary style and a distinctive personality. It’s almost unnecessary to mention that they were connected by a love affair alongside their working relationship. To this day, the Panther is Cartier’s most successful design and is considered a revolutionary and unrivalled motif in jewellery design. Patches of onyx or other precious stones are set into tiny sockets of precious metal wire using the specially developed technique, the “Pavage peau de panthère”. This gives an enormously sensual effect when touched, almost like stroking a big cat. One of the most beautiful pieces is a panther head made of chiselled gold, the open mouth of which allows the perfectly manicured hand of a high class escort to really come into its own. We’re certain of this: Jeanne Toussaint would have enjoyed this sight!

Beautiful women who fall for the panther

It’s easy to explain why the jeweller at the famous Place Vendôme in Paris decided to honour the panther in particular. Cartier chose the motif of the legendary big cat for its mysterious beauty, sovereign elegance and independence. The panther was also the talisman of Jeanne Toussaint, head of the Haute Joaillerie division at Cartier, who also designed the first Panther motif for the house. In 1914, they made an exemplary wristwatch featuring the design. Over the following decades, precious Panther creations by Cartier also adorned the necks, ears and hands of various prominent admirers, including the Duchess of Windsor, Princess Nina Aga Khan, socialite Daisy Fellowes, and Woolworth heiress Barbara Hutton – and soon, perhaps, the beautiful body of your high class escort companion. Of course, only the most precious materials are good enough for the luxury jeweller’s exquisite articles: the elegant panther silhouettes are cloaked in white gold, yellow gold, diamonds and emeralds, which lend the pieces an animalistic elegance. The supple creature sometimes rolls itself up as a minimalist bracelet, other times it sits enthroned on a magnificent ring or adorns elegant dangling earrings. You and your high class escort will feel the love of detail in every piece of jewellery. Jeanne Toussaint, who was a close friend of Coco Chanel, still shapes the house of Cartier today. Unlike Coco Chanel, who made fashion jewellery socially acceptable, Jeanne Toussaint preferred real stones. Jeanne Toussaint was born in Belgium in 1887 into a family of humble circumstances. The self-confident young woman came to Paris as a teenager and captivated people with her extroverted style: during the day she wore only dark blue with flat, colourfully embroidered boots, in the evening she preferred a combination of pyjamas and turbans. She moved in artistic circles and is regarded as the “It Girl” of her age. And, as befits “It Girls” of all times, she also designed handbags, which were so well received that Louis Cartier hired her in 1918. At the end of the 1920s, Cartier was on the brink of bankruptcy and the jeweller urgently needed someone who really understood the women of the time. For the new generation of women celebrating life and liberation from the constraints of the past century, the heavy jewellery of Art Deco no longer worked for them. Toussaint shook the dust off the company and designed delicate, humorous and colourful pieces of jewellery. She also used yellow gold instead of the platinum used at the time. Her strong will and lack of respect for prevailing conventions were certainly an advantage. She gave women pieces of jewellery that they could use to express their personality and their new independence.

Tamed or wild, supple and smooth

Alfred Brehm once described the wild panther as “the most perfect of all cats on earth”. “As beautiful as she is agile, as powerful as she is nimble, as clever as she is cunning, as bold as she is wily…” A description that not only Jeanne Toussaint, but also your elegant high class escort seductress, can identify with. Are you a generous gentleman, devoted to the beautiful things in life? Then a gift such as this for the lady of your choice is the highest fulfilment of your calling. This is why we’ll indulge in one more: the minimalist bracelet made of white gold and diamonds is a captivating piece that boasts clear lines and finds perfection in its relief-like panther head. This racy and dangerous animal will hypnotise you with its sparkling emerald eyes and onyx muzzle. On the yellow gold bracelet, the panther is artfully entwined with the bracelet. The predator seems to guard the jewel like a sphinx: he holds a diamond ring in his front paws, while his hindquarters are interwoven with the other end of the bracelet. Extremely sophisticated – just like your high class escort lady. Congratulations! You’ve got it! Only a free woman can really let herself go and truly surrender. The “Panthère de Cartier” bracelet is an external symbol of this. To sum up, then: this is a foolproof gift that’ll raise the pulse of any hot-blooded beauty. Eternal devotion is guaranteed!

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