Clive Christian

Oscar Wilde knew that compliments are like perfume – they are to be smelled, not swallowed. Of course, the scent of a Berlin escort invariably determines the course of a date. If the perfume isn’t chosen appropriately, no other form of beauty will be of any use. Man must be able to smell woman – evolution writes its own laws. You may often wonder what to give to someone who seems to have everything. This may well be a source of perplexity and uncertainty, as an attentive beau always wants to score top marks. Our Berlin escort ladies’ hearts skip a beat when they behold the wonderfully opulent Baccarat crystal bottles by Clive Christian. These can be wonderful room accents in any part of the house, not just the bathroom. The famous Crown Perfumery has been part of Clive Christian’s portfolio since 1999. It is renowned for supplying scents to the greats such as Garbo, Charlie Chaplin or Queen Victoria. Behind the fragrance “N°1 – Imperial Majesty Edition” is not only a lot of marketing, but also expertise, a lot of skill, plenty of talent and, of course, a good nose. This perfume was produced for the Queen’s jubilee – fittingly, the lid closure is in the shape of a crown. The product is as rare as it is exclusive; the 500 millilitres could even be described as liquid gold. Worldwide there are just 10 bottles at a price of EUR 195,000 each. To avoid dubious inquiries, an advance payment of more than 50 percent must be made. But don’t worry, Clive Christian also produces fragrances that are priced between 400-800 euros and can be purchased by almost everyone. Take your time choosing the right fragrance and experience the sensual world of aromas: allow cardamom, fir balsam, cedar wood, musk, white peach, tonka beans, Florentine irises and more to take your senses on a luxurious adventure.


Clive Christian has set out with great goals and undoubtedly has a knack for luxury as well as pleasing the establishment. Not only is he one of the UK’s most appreciated interior decorators (a kitchen can cost over €300,000), he has revolutionised perfume production in a unique way. The aim was to create a perfume of the highest quality and to then quite simply make it a superstar. The crown top confidently demonstrates that his perfumes are the kings and queens of the fragrance market. Women of the world, including the ladies of Escorts Berlin, therefore need nothing more than pure, naked skin and a few drops of Clive Christian – there’s no more seductive way to begin a romantic evening with the prospect of “more”. The price is cause for a little caution, but your favourite Berlin escort will recompense you most wonderfully: her intellect, body and eroticism are sure to be out of this world. These goddesses of love are our dreamgirls anyway, and with this bouquet they become true heroines of eroticism – you’ll never want to let go. In fact, the production of the fragrances was inspired by the splendid blossoms of the gardens of Aphrodite. In Greek mythology she is considered not only the goddess of love, but also the goddess of beauty and sensual desire. As the patron of reproduction and sexuality, she ensured the survival of nature and represented social and community life. There are myriad diverse stories regarding her origin. Homer’s tales say she was the daughter of Zeus and Dione. Later sources report that she is descended from Kronos, the leader of the Titans and father of Zeus – but only incidentally.

“Two truths can never contradict each other” – scent and love

Admittedly, the first part is by Galileo, but the second part is also true. Developing the right fragrance is a science in itself. Just as in music or art, there are highly regarded superstars among perfumers because it is so rare to have a truly discerning “good nose”. In the days of the ancient advanced civilisations, production of this expensive elixir was reserved exclusively for priests who had a sound knowledge of the harmonious composition of ointments, resins and balms. Ancient Egypt, in the time of Pharaoh Hatshepsut, was the first time that the bodies of living persons were perfumed, instead of only those of the dead. Europe first discovered “per fumum”, the etymological origin of the term “perfume”, in the 14th century. Initially, these scents were reserved only for the rich, whose main aim was to cover up bad body odour. Hygiene conditions left a lot to be desired. The declared goal was to hide the surely very unbearable smell. There is of course no such concern with our ever immaculate Berlin escort ladies. Top perfumers use almost 2,000 fragrances from all over the world, making a distinction between animal- and plant-derived substances. Musk, for example, would be of animal origin, and lavender of plant origin. In addition, there are numerous nature-identical fragrances such as vanillin that have to be produced artificially, because the original is rare and simply too expensive for mass production. Producing an ingenious and successful perfume from all these fragrances is a real master achievement. Clive Christian likes to use intensive top notes of rose and jasmine for his intoxicating scents, which perfectly pave the way for oriental compositions of woods and spices. A total of three fragrance notes are distinguished: the first to be mentioned is the usually very intensive “top note”. This is crucial for the first impression, and the decision of whether to purchase. Citrus fruits do an excellent job here. The middle note has a balancing effect and is responsible for the character of the fragrance. It ensures the harmonious whole and is also called the “heart note”. Here, floral scents are often mixed with other aromas such as cedar wood, sage, anise or musk. The base note is the “tail light” and is mainly composed of heavy scents that last a long time. And “long” can even mean as long as a whole week. Cloves, patchouli or sandalwood are the protagonists. Which scent you’ll ultimately perceive with your Berlin escort is always a mystery, and hopefully a positive surprise, associated with pleasurable memories!