It doesn’t always have to be diamonds that bring a dazzling smile to the face of an escort. Sometimes, all it takes to make a big impact is a small gesture that comes from the heart. Just like this timeless lipstick by Christian Louboutin Beauty. It comes in a brilliantly designed golden bottle and will be a definite hit with our escorts. Our stunning escorts love the classic red tone and the silky satin texture, which achieves a shiny, smudge-proof finish. They simply don’t leave the house without their favourite accessory. This glamorous lipstick in the “Torerra” shade provides the delicate lips of our escorts with hours of intensive moisture, and thanks to its long-lasting coverage, it doesn’t need to be applied again and again. Natural oils and an entirely paraben-free formulation are an additional benefit. Escorts around the globe love the interplay of drama, lust and seduction, which can only really take to the stage with the right lipstick. After all, it’s so much more than just the colour on an escort‘s lips – it’s an expression of an attitude to life. As Coco Chanel so rightly said: “If you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack!”