Beauty comes from the inside, of course, but to maintain a youthful face, it’s also necessary to work on the façade from the outside. Besides a healthy diet, sufficient exercise, and drinking plenty of water, our escorts love using care products by popular brand “La Mer“.

Your gift to a special escort lady

If you’re looking for a meaningful present and find yourself at a bit of a loss in front of the shelves, this would be a great way to kill two birds with one stone. Escorts of class swear by the advanced technologies and refreshing textures in the brand’s creams, masks and various gels. They lock in moisture, make the skin firmer and give a rosy complexion. The patented nourishing and healing “Miracle Broth” sculpts the face’s natural contours and provides an unrivalled glow. Your escort will have a renewed love of her morning routine, guaranteeing a good mood for the day. All our escorts are zealous when it comes to skincare – support this passion of theirs and seize the next opportunity to give your bewitching beauty a wonderful product from this world-class brand!

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