© St. Eriks

…who is nibbling at my… no, not my little house – but, my luxury potato crisp? To make it clear straightaway: This scenario cannot take place in this form anymore because the world’s most expensive potato crisps were of course produced as a limited edition and have already sold out. One advantage of the luxury crisp box: Even if you eat the entire – very minimalist – content, you will not have to fear gaining weight. ‘And who would produce something like this?’ you might ask yourself now. No, the usual suspects – US-Americans – were not responsible this time, but instead it’s the Swedish brewery S:t Eriks.

Of course we are not dealing with the vulgar potato crisp here. That wouldn’t be very original, would it? The Swedes invested a lot of thought into this luxury snack so that it compliments another product from their brewery perfectly, namely its India Pale Ale. Some of the most exclusive ingredients from the northern hemisphere are contained in these crisps,  which were produced by the Swedish National Culinary Team.


Devotees to Swedish haute cuisine will be thrilled. Only highly unusual ingredients were used, like the Swedish matsutake mushroom, which easily impresses any gourmet with its intense taste. This delicate mushroom is only picked with cotton gloves to prevent it from being damaged.

The second ingredient is a true delicacy of the North: A rare form of seaweed, whose flavour is reminiscent of truffles and can be harvested near the shores of the Faroe Islands. Dill, onions, and potatoes from the Swedish region of Ammarnäs form the basis of this fancy snack. Ammarnäs is only fifty kilometres away from the Arctic circle. Potatoes grow in record time there and are harvested by hand. The final touch consists of the brewery’s original wort, the India Pale Ale’s essence.

Gourmets can look forward to five perfectly formed crisps presented in a luxurious case – perfect as a present or to share with four of your best friends. The case costs around fifty euro, so with ten euro per crisp you are onboard. This makes it one the most expensive snacks in the world, but it is still affordable. However, the 100 cases that were produced are sold out already. Scarcity sells!

To guarantee the authenticity of the product, every box contains a certificate. And as Erich Fromm said: “Not he who has much is rich, but he who gives much.” Accordingly, the entire revenue goes to charity. Whether there will be a second edition is currently unknown. Until there is news, opt for delicious paprika crisps or nibble on one of our luscious Excellent Escort ladies.