It’s one of Prada’s most beloved lines: the “Galleria Tote”, whose simple design and Italian elegance instantly conquer the heart of any escort. Women all over the world love this bag’s timelessness, spaciousness and above all, the well-structured leather that has been assembled by master craftsmen. Men are often on the look-out for a suitable present for their favourite escorts… this is one that will undoubtedly enamour your escort companion. The three compartments may not offer space for all her personal effects, but the bag has ample room for a mobile phone, some make-up and a stylish compact mirror – escorts have a mind for practicality as well as elegance. The latter naturally benefits the gentleman: the more generous the master, the more big-hearted the escorts will be. Don’t forget: what goes around, comes around!… this little gift could lead to somewhere wonderful for both parties!