What is a foolproof way for a high class escort to add some extra refinement to a smart casual look? Lovers of the Hermès label know the answer to this very well and appreciate the traditional label’s wonderful silk scarves, which elegantly enhance any outfit. The example shown here will stand your escort in particularly stylish stead. The bright pink background is eye-catching, and looks equally stunning on both blonde and brunette escort ladies. The motif was inspired by the 18thcentury and depicts a carriage with a historical background – it is the fragile coach that King Ferdinand VII left at the court of Madrid to flee the city in 1808. In the 20th century an antique dealer became aware of it, and later, Monsieur Hermès. He considered it too expensive, so the French National Museum bought it. This scarf, made of finest silk, is a tribute to that time, and is a fair sight more affordable. Consequently, it makes a very attractive present for your high class escort.

© Hermès