Gold can be luxurious and seductive on naked skin in other ways than simply being worn as jewellery… Things get rather heated when you send your escort girl a high-carat sex toy… which might not be a completely selfless gift. How about a luxury dildo with 18 carat gold plating? Extremely arousing and offering unrestrained ecstasy – experience top class sex. Explore previously unknown physical terrain with your escort date and drive her libido to its peak – passionate, unbridled vaginal pleasure. Feel your sexual desire grow and your inhibitions disappear. Combining G-spot stimulation and unrestrained eroticism has never been more beautiful. This ode to lust is not the most affordable. The luxury dildo costs a lofty EUR 2,695. We would like to point out, however, that the phrase of endearment has always been “my dearest”, never “my cheapest”!

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