Christmas – a time of peace, contemplation and gifts. In most cases, giving pleasure to others has a greater added value than receiving something in return. For all those who are looking for gift ideas for their favourite lady of our high class escort, let us say that classics never go out of fashion. Neither in the form of timeless beauties, nor in the form of exclusive gifts. Make your luxury escort happy again soon by presenting her with gifts that are not subject to fashion. Competing with Father Christmas is, of course, legally approved, thus expressly permitted and, on the basis of this, even desired. Something that really never goes out of fashion and should not be missing from any wardrobe is a belt from Hermès. This accessory is not only at the top of the wish list of our escorts, it convinces above all with its simple elegance and unfussy chic. Tender hint: Please turn around!


    The history of the luxury brand Hermès is definitely „not a story full of misunderstandings“. The success story dates back to 1837, when Thierry Hermès, a saddler by trade, opened his first shop for riding accessories in Paris, near the Madeleine. At first, only utensils for equestrian sports were offered. From 1867, saddles were also sold, which are still very popular today. Gradually, the rich range of goods was expanded to include fine leather goods such as suitcases, travel equipment, bags, silk scarves, clothing, tableware, bath accessories and, of course, the belt with the famous „H“ that is so popular with high class escorts. The special thing about it is the reversible option, which makes two belts out of one. The classic in the colours cognac and black is a must-have in any well-stocked wardrobe. The buckle, which is now available in numerous designs (H, H au Carré, Rider, Trotteur etc. …), is often combined with a gold or silver look by fashion-conscious luxury escorts. Depending on your mood, the belt can be turned around and enhances any outfit. But beware: the buckles cannot be purchased separately, but only in combination with one of the elegant calfskin belts. Offer your dream girl „the“ scene of her life and present her the orange box with the famous Bolduc bow in a romantic moment. Creating unforgettable moments is not only an art, but also an intimate affair from the bottom of our hearts! The certificate of authenticity for our renowned service is delivered free of charge in the shape of your dream escort!

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