„Best spa hotel of the year“ – there truly are worse things. Luxury as a term doesn’t quite fit the bill either: the renowned five stars in orbital landscape have simply scored! Final stage of the annual rating of the „SonntagsZeitung“ [„Sunday Paper“]. „Man“ could check it out in the company of a female connoisseur of better living. You can!

Only the history of the resort seems old: concession of 1868 to Bernhard Simon. The realm of Grand Resort Bad Ragaz AG comprises several properties. They include the ruins of Wartenstein Castle and the hotel castle of the same name – it’s impossible to confuse the two. There is modern and sublime glitter in that establishment and the other ones of the resort. Deep gorges, high mountains, magical springs, and enchanted walls are all around. And helicopters. Sounds like an adventure for you and a dangerously attractive female agent.


Corona? Nice model name for the compact category. We still forget that in our shock. The Grand Resort has recently reopened its wellness area for recovery from viral panic comedy. To that end, you’ll land softly in Zurich with the magical lady of your choice. Welcome to the home of quality, style, and class! Switzerland will welcome you in moderation in its own way, casual in life, perfect in everything.

Fall out of the jet into the flat vehicle, fasten your seat belt, UV-400 shades onto your nose, it’s about to get alpine! Stiletto to your left will obscenely give gas to rob you of your breath, the female wearer will love stimulating things for mind and hand, gear stick will be guided precisely, flange the electric sportsman to the can at the resort after less than an hour, flirt in the classy foyer!

At Europe’s leading health resort, you’ll check in under the ten stars of two Grand Hotels: Quellenhof and Hof Ragaz. Spa fun (instead of a mishap oops) and amazing diversity at the same resort will seduce you. The variety of the folded landscape is reflected at various wellness facilities. Saunas and baths, therapies and massages, machines for fitness, expertise in medicine, mediated by approachable people, professional cosmetics, celebrity-fit hair styling … we’ll stop here.

Is there really still time for trips? That’ll be managed on the side within the smooth WLAN while whispering in the fancy bar. Or sip your partner espressi a little louder on the terrace of your suite. You’ll also enjoy magnificent views at the resort’s café or bistro. You’ll be enticed by pre-Alpine features in the surrounding area and high-altitude flights in your room. You’ll easily forget your meeting at the Kursaal Meetings & Events Centre! A pity.

After the „Sorry SMS“, you might like to go hiking with your sporty high class escort. Numerous paths through lovely landscapes will tempt you to do so. While talking about nihilism or nothing and everything, the evening will fly towards you enthusiastically.

On cooler days, you’ll heat yourself and your anticipation in the Tamina thermal bath at the resort. Soon afterwards, your charming lady of the world will draw you into the casino of the establishment: money is burnt so beautifully with bright laughter from a young mouth. Later you’ll win the jackpot on every round in your rooms – dreamlike views

You’ll also have them in your private room … when you’re resting „well-behaved“ later in the king-size bed. If you’re interested, also at the medical sleep laboratory of the resort! Ghostly night silence will pamper you and your masterful female magician everywhere: in Bad Ragaz, thanks to its distinctive location, soft sounds of nature dominate. Sleep disorders: none. Mental recovery follows physical relaxation.

You’ll probably have a pinch somewhere the next morning. That’s a good way to take advantage of the absurd variety of in-house wellness facilities. Sore muscles will continue to hiss in the fitness room at night, tired bones will like nearby osteopathy, the Far East will beckon with traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), worn-out paleness will be covered with a high-alpine tan in the solarium. Real sun will tone the artificial colour as you splash around with your partner in the outdoor pool. What a splash! Acupuncture or yoga will make you happy in case of pure theoretical boredom. „Zumbaispiel“ [made-up German word combining „zum Beispiel“ {„for example“} with „Zumba“].

While the next personal trainer gets the brush-off from your high class escort lady, you’ll get to know aqua-balancing. Or aqua fitness. Or Power Plate, not Pilates (next door). You only want good old German now? That works, too: „aerobics“.

If nothing twitches anymore after that feel-good torture, electrotherapy will help („More voltage, Igor!“). During oxygen therapy, you’ll wake up relaxed. Refresh the basics right away in breathing therapy: in, out, in, out. Sounds familiar. Continue directly with meditation: don’t think about anything – not even pelvic floor exercises (theory in the wellness area, practice in your rooms. That’s understood). First, brief lolling, sorry, „stretching“, and then quickly off to Nordic walking, whoopee! Afterwards, a check-up by the doctor at the establishment will ground you: hooray, you’re still alive!


1242 A.D., Pfäfers Monastery: even clergymen need the physical, still without Michelin but with love under the stars. After all, a castle nearby is called Freudenberg [„Freude“ means „pleasure“, „Berg“ means „mountain“]. In any case, a hearty meal strengthens you before hefty action: body and soul belong together. The necessary game is better killed by hunters from the nearby monastery; for the bloodless „Pfäfer steak“ of the Benedictines. This is a more ethical approach – even in heated debates on Holy Scripture.

On the hunt, the brave huntsmen stumble over a spring and get warm feet. Geothermal energy sends its greetings! In the hot water of the cool Tamina Gorge, red hands are quickly washed clean again. The creative disciples of Benedict also consider this practical and hurriedly proclaim with veneration: „Water of life, warm like flesh, heals wounds!“ Or whatever it may have been in detail.

In this or a similar way, the mythical and the historical are intertwined to this day. In any case, the construction of the Altes Bad Pfäfers is based on such details. In the neighbourhood, today’s thermal baths rationally interpret the spring. This is how the year 1872 saw the first indoor swimming pool in Europe with thermal water: the Tamina thermal bath was born.

In the garden of the complex, there is a pool modelled on the classic „Helena“ pool. That pool is located in the immediate vicinity and exudes nostalgia as well as contemplation. The thermal bath also offers classy areas for swimming as sport and sauna. You and your high class escort might avoid a separate area for families: dads in hypnosis will otherwise lose bad swimmers among their noisy kids!

The warm water and St. Placebo provided healing for about 600 years from about 1350 onwards at the Altes Bad Pfäfers. That architecture is considered to be the oldest example of the construction of baroque baths in Switzerland. Since 1970, the water has been used by the healing clinics of nearby Valens. It flows further into the beautifully shaped thermal baths of Bad Ragaz in the Tamina Valley.

There, treatment personnel use the warming wetness in various ways, for example, in the event of accidents and paralysis. Even those suffering from low circulation benefit from a little good faith. Your companion, on the other hand, will prefer something more tangible to increase heart rates.

In any case, the former Ragaz received an accolade in 1937 for the bath in St. Gallen. The community in the Sarganserland shone as a possible health resort as early as around 1870. Today it is considered to be a local tourism centre for the beauty and history of Sargans.

Legends from then and now surround the famous Grand Resort Bad Ragaz. There you’ll bask with your beautiful goddess at 36.5 degrees Celsius in H2O from a warm depth. Thanks to Saint Benedict!


MMXX A.D.: The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz under Marco R. Zanolari as General Manager breathes passion. In 2020, leading hotels and large restaurants will be streaming through magnificent architecture. In the literal sense of the word, the smell of fine food from the in-house restaurants will be doing this. After all, wellness also means the stomach. You’ll notice this immediately after you’ve lived your passion for furious hole-ups. We would like to point out the two golf courses and gourmet aces at the resort:

Sven Wassmer works his wonders of culinary art in the starry sky as moments of happiness for his guests. In his „verve by Sven“ and in „Memories“, dream and taste kiss. In „IGNIV by Andreas Caminada“, Silvio Germann also converts fans of fast food to Bacchus.

Other temples of pleasure of the climax class also attract visitors to the Grand Resort. In total, 4 stars and just as many dozens of cooked-up points in the Gault-Millau. Voilà! Forget volatile numbers – taste wines of the world with your (s)expert!

Your active lifestyle by day and night may use three meals at the resort as a base. The mini-bar in your suite, crispy Toblerone, and take-away for sushi in the mountains will also help you there. A guilty conscience about your BMI will be soothed by in-house nutritional advice. Or by private fasting with training for the circulation for hours. Your specialist would have clear ideas about this without the need for equipment. 

Smaller scratches after tennis or castle pleasures at the resort are worthwhile: let yourself be pampered at the medical centre of the establishment! You’ll enjoy larger failures of an intervertebral disc at the integrated Clinic Bad Ragaz. Suffer in luxury with an afterburner!

For real problems, homeopathy is offered on site – can’t make things any worse and sounds excitingly different. As a real alternative, by contrast, you’ll study your timeless companion and immediately feel well. Just like that.

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