• Gucci Case

No gift is too small to not give great pleasure. An unexpected attention, a charming „thank you“ for unforgettable hours spent together… which lady would not be happy about that? The fact that small gifts maintain friendship is more than just an often heard saying. It is an insight that is confirmed every day again and again. But making a present is usually at least as much fun as receiving it. To see the positive reaction to a successful surprise is a gift whose value can hardly be quantified. 

But how could such a small gift for a sophisticated lady, whom you got to know through our escort service, look like? If you would like to express your appreciation to your attractive companion with a discreet gesture, this beauty case could be just the right thing.

With a width of just 17 cm and a height of 9 cm, the noble Ophidia beauty case from Gucci is actually a real little thing. But this is exactly what makes it so special. Despite its modest size, the Beauty Case offers space for all those things that a well-groomed woman of the world cannot do without. The lipstick and mascara are stored here just as safely and stylishly as the powder box or toothbrush.


Made from the GG canvas typical for the Italian fashion brand, the cosmetic case captivates with its subtle beige colouring and stylish appliqués in genuine leather. Of course, the characteristic gold-coloured initials of the company’s founder must not be missing on the closure. Inside, the high-quality beauty case presents itself with a noble and at the same time hard-wearing textile lining. A clever detail is the separate compartment for all the little things that a fancy lady always likes to have at hand.

The beauty case not only convinces with its attractive design and high-quality workmanship, but also with its practical advantages. Therefore it is just the right gift for your favourite lady of our  escort service. Make her and yourself a pleasure. Enjoy the glow in the eyes of your companion when she unpacks the small present. She will certainly thank you by taking care of your wishes even more devotedly. And since she’ll have all her cosmetics at her fingertips in her new Gucci Beauty Case, she’ll look even more stunning than you’ve already experienced with the attractive ladies of our  escort service.

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