Paris! The charming metropolis on the picturesque Seine is now home to countless glittering Swarovski crystals in six magnificent fountains on the Champs-Élysées. Take a stroll there with your equally dazzling travel companion from our renowned escort service – maybe headed to the nearby Ritz. It’s the ideal destination for first class French kissing – departing daily from Düsseldorf International. Your intimate companion will be full of anticipation to visit the local Swarovski boutique: diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but real crystal from Austria is much more of a friend to your wallet (and will make her eyes shine just as brightly). 


    Fine jewellery by  Swarovski looks incredibly elegant on the swanlike neck of your lady from Escorts Dusseldorf. And just as elegant are the filigree crystal designs by two designers in Paris: featuring 60 metres of LED lighting and a good 50 times more crystal pieces. Those 3,060 shimmering creations have been shining like stars since 21 March 2019 – a few hours after the astronomical beginning of spring. Drawn to the lights like a moth to the flame? Then make your way to the city of light and love! 

    Thanks to Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, alpine crystal art from Swarovski illuminates the centre of the French metropolis: glittering works of art by the Austrian jewellery company adorn a series of fountains on the sublime Champs-Élysées. The expensive ornaments have been financed by the generous „Fonds pour Paris“ to enhance the legendary cityscape. Contemporary art shines proudly in the forward-thinking metropolis – a beacon of style, just like the city’s iconic Eiffel Tower. The six voluminous fountains are marvellous objets d’art, illuminating the automotive chaos at the Rond Point; the Arc de Triomphe and Place de la Concorde observe the new spectacle from an elegant distance. The massive project was coordinated by over three dozen companies in three years. Several hundred people created and placed over 3,000 cuffs of clear crystal. Bright LEDS illuminate the delicate frames of the fountains. The patented design rotates unhurriedly around a tall mast of gleaming bronze. At the same time, light in the water bubbles slowly through the transparent vessels in three slender rods. Finally, the luminous spray glides down into the fountain’s basin. At the bottom, three moving suns shine up into the glittering rain that falls from the slender columns. While turning, one of the faceted shells in the sea of city lights flashes on and off. At night, three lively star statues rise from the foaming fountain into the dark sky over Paris. The cheeky rippling of the sleek waterfalls from the circling crystal slowly passes in front of you and your partner. This coming and going whisper of water from fluid light symbolises the constant metamorphosis of changeable Paris: the lively ville lumière is poised between a grandiose history and an exciting future. The shimmer of the glistening glass rotor varies with the changing seasons and the time of day. This iridescent LED rain reflects and breaks in the swirling water – and with it requiring a very moderate half a kilowatt of power, it is sustainable too. As a global novelty, this flowing creation presents Swarovski’s famous crystal talents in a work that is permanently out in public, under the open spring sky. Oh, l’amour – ah, Paris: Coco Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier, Yves Saint Laurent – and everything else that brings joy to your affectionate Escorts Düsseldorf playmate. Such as: accessories! There’s nothing that can’t be found in quirky Paris. Hat, sunglasses or earrings in the shape of an exclusive handbag? Trivial, when Dolce & Gabbana is around the corner! Looking for a little sparkling something for an ample décolletage? Off to the Swarovski shop – located on the Champs-Élysées, of course, just like those shimmering fountains. 


    Daniel Swarovski came from Georgenthal in northern Bohemia, near Gablonz. As a gifted glazier, he also understood how to work with the region’s crystal glass. So he founded his small business at the end of the 19th century, and today, the group has a not-so-trivial turnover of 3 to 4 billion euros per year. At that time, however, even the booming Gablonz branch of jewellery was still 50 years ahead of its time. The purposeful and pioneering Swarovski created an efficient mechanical grinding system. Even before starting his company, he patented the corresponding apparatus in Prague. So he was well prepared to meet – and fuel – the booming demand for high-quality crystal goods. Swarovski’s machine-made miracles impressed the international jewellery industry – and will be equally well-received when gifted to your young Escorts Düsseldorf lady. The unprecedented quality of the young Bohemian’s creations led to an explosion in demand, which the company lacked the production capacity to meet. Luckily, the small company was assisted in its urgent expansion by one of their affluent Parisian customers. To counter any industrial espionage targeted at his smart production processes, the canny inventor opted for relative seclusion: Swarovski found a safe distance from the competition in Wattens, Austria, and at the same time found considerable hydropower for production of large quantities. He quickly built his own power plant there, with over 150 times more power than in his Bohemian start-up. At around the same time, a magnificent villa was built for Daniel Swarovski’s growing family. Already self-sufficient in terms of energy, the ingenious company boss soon began seeking freedom in raw materials, too. So, behind closed doors, he started experimenting with industrial production of his own glass. With no experts around him to act as confidants in his daring venture, he acquired the help of his sons: Alfred, Fritz and Willi worked with their father to create the initial molten glass. Around the beginning of the First World War, various coloured glass melts finally followed. Even today, no detailed information is available about the materials and production processes used at Swarovski – the formation of each piece, unlike the natural diamond, remains a mystery! After the Second World War, the forward-thinking company in Austria dazzled with its glass for spectacles (made from beryl: a transparent mineral found in some crystals). What sharpened the global view of Swarovski, however, was its high-quality products in fine optics. With an unerring feel for the market, the group also invested in the fitting of riflescopes. Today, 200 of Daniel Swarovski’s descendants and relatives contribute to over a dozen individual companies, adding to the lustre of the family fortune. 


    Sung with flair by Astaire in the elegant 40s and given a woman’s touch by Fitzgerald in the late 50s. With your elegant Escorts Düsseldorf beauty wearing a spritz of Chanel No 5 to get in the Parisian mood, the two of you are ready for a night of glitz and glamour. What better place for it than the timeless classic among grand hotels: the Ritz, Place Vendôme. And no half measures, s’il vous plaît: book the Suite Impériale, about 220 square metres, just shy of 20,000 euros per night. The eighteenth-century contemporary furniture satisfies modern safety standards, including load-bearing capacity: lying on your back, you can fully admire the imperial paintings on the high walls of the living quarters. There is something else picture-perfect is in front of your eyes, and this work of art is three-dimensional – touching is expressly permitted! Even in the tasteful replica of Marie-Antoinette’s bed chambers, frivolity feels scandalous – that’s why your secrets are safe with the discreet ladies of Escorts Düsseldorf. So be royal, only loyal to yourself, and spend the night on the first floor with the best view over the famous Place, as Louis XV once did. Then, with no jet lag to speak of, enjoy the following morning with your wide-awake partner in the imperial suite’s sun-drenched bathroom. Then glide into the Ritz Club with your charming companion. A relaxing dip in the deep blue pool is highly recommended. You might also enjoy a personalised well-being programme from the experts there. These amusements are perfect for whiling away a couple of hours before indulging in fine dining and drinks in the Ritz bar and restaurant. In the bright garden or the dignified ambience of L’Espadon, you will be greeted by two Michelin stars, whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner. After regaining your strength with some delectable delicacies, you and your temptress can take a seat on the elegant bar stools in the Ritz bar and choose your poison for the evening. Flirt in sparkling Gallic fashion with champagne, or converse in strong-willed Teutonic with the best beer – with her deep, impetuous gaze, your partner speaks many physical languages. Which reminds us of the flight from the Seine back to the Rhine: in the equally charming Dusseldorf we also love the polyglot life, from French to Spanish and Italian to Greek, or whatever else is convenient. Seize the moment and get to know our exclusive Escorts Düsseldorf service: simply pick up the phone and dial the number, and our conversation can begin. We will then meet in person and discuss your ideas and plans. We love for them to be implemented as discreetly as you do – after all, we want you to have the very best memories of your experience with us.

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