There is indeed a lot of truth in this sentence. But there are many ways to make the journey. Some prefer to elbow their way up, which is a less chic, and extremely unromantic, option; others, such as the companions of our exquisite escort service, instead prefer the following line of thought: the higher the shoe, the better the view! And they’re quite right, too, especially as they effortlessly combine style and class, and always know what a man of stature is looking for. These gentlemen love to bring highly attractive ladies to important events and be seen with them. You really can’t go wrong when choosing one of our high class escorts: they are each carefully selected, with a very good professional and family background. Very often, their presence is requested for gala events, visits to the opera, or other important festivities that require suitable attire. Every lady in our portfolio of course has more than just one evening dress in her armoire, and can combine any outfit with high quality accessories such as clutches and appropriate footwear. For the man looking to please his femme fatale with a gift that is both enjoyable and useful, a pair of classic high sandals is an excellent choice. As an example, how about the pale gold „Lang“ sandals by designer label „Jimmy Choo“? These heels have become an absolute classic, and a must-have in every woman’s shoe collection. In summer in particular, the shoe is an absolute hit, and really stands out to anyone with an eye for fashion and quality. These shoes naturally belong to the current capsule collection and are a perfect complement to all elegant evening attire. Made in Italy to an exemplary standard, these shoes quickly became a firm favourite among our companions. The sandal is not a lowly one: sporting a sleek 11.5 centimetres, an elegant stiletto heel and pleasantly shaped ankle straps with buckle closures, they look twice as beautiful on shapely feet. Those who have used our escort service on one or two occasions will know that premium brands are part of the standard repertoire of our high class escorts. Special requests can be made at any time: all our ladies are always well equipped.


If this is the case, it’s probably best to get to the bottom of the matter, or – the much more pleasant option – distract yourself with a breathtaking student of our exclusive escort service. Easily test out your public image with a tall companion who will delight you in every respect. A true man should not be afraid of height differences, however. Many fashion models also like to be high class escorts, and love to wear high heels… or perhaps even the sexy „Lang“ sandals by Jimmy Choo; hopefully it won’t lead to a case of „little man syndrome“ or the much-quoted Napoleon complex. Men of great stature rise above it, increasing their prestige with tall, charming ladies. And if they’re wearing elegant footwear, envious looks are guaranteed. The luxury brand’s success story began in 1986, with a thriving shoe shop in London run by a Malaysian shoemaker named Jimmy Choo. Together with various partners – more on this in the text below – he founded the premium shoe brand Jimmy Choo Limited, but retired in 2001. He was essentially destined to have an affinity for shoes: he grew up in a family of shoemakers, and designed his first pair at the tender age of eleven. He attended various shoe design courses at the London College of Fashion and later worked for the Swiss shoe manufacturer Bally until he heard the call of London’s East End, and therein his first shop, where he could give free rein to his creativity. In 1988 Tamara Mellon, head of the accessories department of fashion magazine Vogue, came into the picture. First, she reported on the most popular must-have of all high class escorts; later, in 1996, she took a 50% stake in the company. Choo continued to design in the background while his niece, Sandra Choi, worked as creative director. But as we all know, too many cooks spoil the broth, which was sadly the case here: in 2001, Jimmy Choo retired following disagreements and sold his share of Equinox Luxury, an associated company. Choo received £10 million and continues to design custom shoes. In 2003, he was personally honoured by the Queen and given the title Officer of the Order of the British Empire. A truly great ascent, all told – who’d have

thought it? His example proves once again that hard work really pays off. The company expanded. Four stores quickly became 26 – the brand’s success is still unstoppable today.

Jimmy Choo – a brand on the road to success!

There are now more than 60 shops worldwide all pursuing a common goal: to make the female world a little happier! Of course, the expansions aren’t all that surprising: if all the ladies from our escort service constantly shop there, the company is destined to keep growing! But famous personalities have also succumbed to the chic designs, including fashion designer Victoria Beckham, singers Kylie Minogue and Jennifer Lopez, as well as Hollywood stars Scarlett Johansson, Emily Blunt and Cameron Diaz. Slim, elegant footwear appeals to every woman with a penchant for aesthetic beauty. Of course, shoes alone were not enough for the company. The business has now also launched a line of handbags as well as various accessories such as sunglasses. These are another flattering and welcome addition to the wardrobes of all high class escorts and fashion-loving ladies. What could be nicer than going back to your suite after an enjoyable evening, kicking off your shoes and taking off your restrictive tie? Enjoy the amenities of your luxury suite together – take a relaxing bubble bath as an entrée to the rest of your night. Lathering each other in suds, sharing tender kisses and eager caresses under the water… are only the beginning of a hot night of love with a sexy companion from our escort service. Step out of the bathroom together and follow your senses to the king-size bed, which is crying out to be used both horizontally and vertically. Men don’t have to do too much here: simply allow your lover to indulge you using every trick in the book and experience how much of an adventure authentic eroticism can be… it all starts with a kiss!