After a sensual and exciting first night in Paris, Carla felt like doing a little luxury shopping. She had in mind a luxurious lingerie shop on Rue Cambon, famous for its charming and sensual underwear, which she had been planning to visit for a long time. Eduard, ever the gentleman, accompanied her and settled himself in a baroque armchair while Carla, aided by a provocatively dressed shop assistant, revelled in the assortment of lace and satin. Meanwhile, Eduard was shown accessories such as a small whip, luxurious handcuffs, a lustrous ostrich feather and a delicate black lace eye mask. As he sipped champagne, a pretty young woman packed his purchases, which he looked forward to revealing in the suite that evening.

    As they left the shop, he excitedly asked Carla what she had chosen. „Don’t be so nosy, handsome,“ she said cheekily, kissing him on the lips. He liked her spontaneous, girlish manner, and how she always surprised him with her charm. The black limousine pulled up, and while the driver was still stowing the bags, Carla opened her slender legs to reveal what she was wearing under her modest trench coat. She was in black sheer lace briefs that sinfully covered her shaved vulva. Eduard handed her a glass of champagne and she wetted her red, sensual lips, which stood out from her alabaster-coloured skin. A few drops of the beverage ran between her naked breasts, down to her bellybutton and between her legs. He could no longer control himself, and greedily pushed his hand into her panties to feel her wet, already swollen lips. At the push of a button, he raised the privacy partition, as the driver was already looking into the rear view mirror knowingly. Eduard slipped from his seat and further back in the spacious limousine and knelt in front of Carla. His tongue quickly disappeared deep inside her. He licked her, wet and intense, and after just a few seconds she came hard and screaming. Then he turned her delicate body around and pushed the trench coat off her bum. His hand moved between her buttocks and parted them eagerly. His stiff cock thrust into her dripping pussy again and again until his semen shot out of him, making her glistening vulva even wetter.


    Back in the hotel room, he gave her a slap on the bum and whispered in her ear, „Put on your new underwear, you beast, I have a surprise for you.“ As Carla moved into the adjoining room, there was a knock at the door. It opened, revealing a young woman carrying heavy luggage. „Bonjour. I’m Sophie, the photographer.“ He stared at her, fascinated by her beauty, her classical facial features and the sensuality of her appearance. Her brunette ponytail emphasised her gorgeous cat’s eyes, and she twisted her full lips into a lascivious smile. „Care to let me in?” she asked charmingly. He was lost for words, so answered by simply opening the door. Her elegant fragrance reached his nose while she drifted past him. Full of curiosity, he watched her assemble her photographic wares, deliberately stretching her wonderfully round, full ass towards him.

    „Sweetie, where are you?“ he yelled into the next room. „Your surprise is here!“ The door opened and Carla entered the room. He had immediately become hard, his lust stoked by her outfit… A barely-there mesh of black ribbons, snaking elegantly around her neck and forming an elongated diamond shape on each side of her chest, stimulated his imagination even more. Her youthful breasts were indescribably firm, and as luscious as they were inviting. Boldly framed by delicate golden chains, they seemed to be staring at him lustily. Carla turned slowly and posed in the door frame. Her naked ass was adorned with black ribbons that held the playsuit together from behind. She wore them… those exciting red-soled high heels that made her legs look longer, the ones he had dreamed of for so long. On her nipples were gold stars that glittered in the warm lighting. The erotic elegance of her appearance integrated seamlessly with the luxurious interior of the suite.

    „You look really hot,“ said Sophie, letting out a small moan of approval. The well-built man in her presence hadn’t escaped her attention either.

    „Hello, I’m Carla, and if I may, I’d say the same about you.“ As she spoke, she looked at Sophie unashamedly, her gaze falling upon the magnificent low-cut V of her top, hinting at her large breasts and hard nipples. Obviously flattered, Sophie cleared her throat and asked, „Shall we?“ then gestured invitingly towards the bed.

    „A moment, please,“ Carla said, then walked towards Eduard and bent over him. „Thank you, my big man,“ she whispered, and casually grazed his hard cock. Her tongue searched for his, disappearing deep in his mouth. Sophie watched the provocative spectacle from a distance and noticed her nipples stiffening and her panties getting wetter.

    „I’m ready,“ shouted Carla, and she perched on the backrest of the bed. In a smooth motion she spread her legs and pressed her soft breasts together between her arms, while her hands reached down between her thighs. Sophie pressed the shutter, fascinated by how naturally Carla moved in front of the camera. She didn’t have to say anything, give any instructions. Carla was a natural talent and knew how to move her body in front of the camera. After taking a few shots, Sophie began to get hotter and hotter and took off her jumper. Eduard could hardly stay still in the semi-darkness, and Carla, too, was filled with a desire to kiss and caress them both. She came down from the bed and stepped up close to Sophie. „Can you help me in the next room, darling?“ she whispered, and pulled the busty beauty out of the room.

    Eduard couldn’t take it any more – he undid his trousers and started massaging his cock. In his head, the two women became a blur: orifices, bouncing breasts and wet entrances. Tongues everywhere. Buttocks stretched out towards him. His cum shot out of him as he pictured the luscious tits of the kissing women. He collapsed, panting. Did he just hear a moaning from the next room? He pulled himself up, and on tiptoes he sneaked up to the sliding door, which he quietly opened. What he saw left him speechless…

    The two women were wearing erotic black lingerie and sinful stockings

    The two women were wearing erotic black lingerie and sinful stockings. Carla knelt in front of Sophie and attached a stocking to suspenders, while Sophie casually leaned against a chest of drawers. Eduard was able to gaze at her full buttocks very closely in the mirror, and this sight alone sent him into a frenzy. Carla looked up at Sophie. The women’s eyes met, their gazes penetrating each other. Slowly Sophie pulled Carla up and as their faces came close together, they sank into a passionate kiss. They stroked each other’s faces and ran their hands through each other’s long silky hair. Sophie was wearing the black lace eye mask that Eduard had bought in the morning. The women sank to the ground, kissing each other passionately and rubbing their bodies together.

    Eduard was fascinated by the beautiful, slender bodies in front of him: he watched Carla, who fascinated him with her porcelain-like skin and curly golden hair. Her body was so different from the feminine, olive-coloured splendour of Sophie, whose brunette hair gently caressed Carla’s breasts. Her hands wandered between Carla’s legs and pulled her tiny panties aside. Sophie uncovered her sinful vulva, which rose up against Carla, searching for her. Her tongue sank into Carla’s wet hole, making her visibly more and more aroused with every kiss and lick. The loud groaning woke Eduard from his spellbound rigidity. He approached the women as they rolled around wildly on the luxurious carpet of the hotel suite. „May I play too?“ he asked, excitement in his voice. Without a second thought, the women reared up and dragged him down to meet them. They both slid towards his hard middle and sucked his magnificent cock with their sensual mouths. It grew even larger and stiffer. Carla straddled him while Sophie moved her splendid femininity towards his face. Slowly, very slowly, then more and more intensely, the women rode Eduard, until they all came at the same time with violent screams. The carpet was a sea of legs, stockings, breasts and dislodged bras, each person shaken by their orgasms.

    The three bodies manoeuvred themselves back into the next room and lounged on the royal bed. Laughing and cuddling, they drank the finest champagne from the finest crystal glasses, until Eduard was overcome with desire for Sophie. He wanted to take her now, right now, and pulled her over to him so that their little orgy could pick up speed. She then straddled him, poising her aroused, wet asshole above his hard cock. Gently she lowered herself onto him and started to ride him in long, smooth strokes. Suddenly, Eduard had in his hand the cheeky little whip that he had acquired in the morning, and he encircled Sophie’s beautiful breasts as they popped out of her raunchy brassiere. He could see her nipples growing bigger and harder. Her full lips were wet and she breathed heavily as she rode him. Carla had made herself comfortable next to the couple and gently slapped Sophie’s bum. Her other hand wandered between her own legs and found itself at her bud, which had swollen and begun to pulsate with arousal. Sophie rubbed and rubbed, becoming more and more ecstatic. She arched her back and began to rock back and forth.

    At the same time, Eduard lifted Sophie’s beautiful body off his own and laid her back down on the bed. His erect cock pushed itself between her big, soft and yet youthfully firm breasts and moved up and down, gently at first, then more forcefully, until his cum shot out across her décolleté. Exhausted, they both sank down. But with all the excitement, Carla was just getting started. She pulled Eduard between her legs, his open mouth gently approaching her wet vulva, and he buried his face in her opening. His hands made their way up to her full, white breasts and twisted her hard nipples. Meanwhile, Sophie stole herself out of bed and refocused the camera. Through the lens, the bed scene aroused her even more. Fascinated, she stared through the lens and stretched her pretty ass backwards. She grabbed the cable release, hurried back to bed and crawled under Eduard, who was still licking out Carla’s delicious slit. With her sensual mouth, Sophie embraced Eduard’s glory, sucking and licking while she pressed the cable release again and again. She found it incredibly arousing to know that these scenes were now forever captured on film.

    Eduard pulled away from Carla as Sophie also disentangled herself from him. „Come here, you little sluts, I want to torture you a little,“ he murmured with a laugh. He instructed both of them to sit down with their backs to the rear of the bed, then pulled out two gold-plated handcuffs, which were also from his morning shopping spree. He attached each woman to the bed by one arm, before chaining them together with another pair of handcuffs. The women looked up at him expectantly, then gazed at each other and sank into a passionate kiss. Eduard sat down in front of them and poured them champagne, which they drank eagerly. After moistening the women’s throats, he pulled a big black ostrich feather from out of nowhere. He began to caress Sophie tenderly, but soon switched over to Carla. Sophie stared at the quill longingly. „Wait, my beautiful, I’ll come back to you,“ Eduard reassured her, and wrapped his mouth around her nipple. He moved the feather slowly and expertly over Carla’s body, down to her vulva. He made her twitch wildly, took the feather away, waited a second and ventured towards her again, while her orgiastic intoxication grew and grew. „Now you must be patient, sweetheart,“ said Eduard, moving over to the other woman. He gently circled Sophie’s nipple, then followed the line of her belly down towards her crease. With her, too, it took mere seconds to make her wilder and wilder, ecstatically stretching her hips towards him. He couldn’t stand it any longer, put the feather away and knelt before the two women’s willing bodies. First he buried his penis in Carla’s mound and pushed hard into her. Shortly before his orgasm he switched over to Sophie, who was already gazing at him wishfully. He came inside her, intensely and powerfully, while Sophie, despite all her excitement, carried on pushing the cable release, capturing their luxurious orgy for eternity.

    A few days later, a messenger knocked at the door of the suite and handed Eduard an envelope. He opened the envelope, the scent of which reminded him of Sophie, and found himself holding erotic black-and-white photos of their wild night, which he beheld with pleasure. Nevertheless, he put the photos in the safe for the time being, looking forward to Carla’s return, so they could peruse the pictures together and, with the beautiful Sophie in mind, unleash their lust once again.

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