… some things seem lovelier. Life is too beautiful to constantly be thinking about everything and everyone. This agency’s high class escorts always gladly demonstrate cheerfulness, ease, levity, humour and charm. The beauty of it is that they don’t really have to pretend – their positive approach to life and their irrepressible joie de vivre are the foundation for breathtaking dates with charming gentlemen who know how to serve high class escorts each and any luxury on a silver platter. Of course, it goes without saying that the reverse is also true, and that your time with them will have you thinking you’re in the Garden of Eden. Small gifts in turn keep a friendship alive, and as spring is about to dawn and the first warm rays of sunshine are battling their way through the clouds, the next gift idea is not too far away. The fashion house Chloé has come up with something very special: their new „Poppy Love“ sunglasses, with heart-shaped, pink-tinted lenses that will definitely bring a smile. The retro silhouette adds that extra touch and deftly enhances the charming design. In fact, the lenses seem to float within the frame, to further emphasise the product’s lightness. Those who are the laidback type and like their glasses to hang loose on a glasses chain can of course attach one to the arms of the frame. Present a high class escort with this wonderfully personal and quirky gift in its chic box and watch her eyes light up when your companion first sees the present. Undoubtedly, the design is a special one, a little reminiscent of the age of flower power and everything that spoke out against the mainstream. That’s what makes it so appealing – the perfect accessory for the ongoing boho trend.


    To survive and succeed in the world of fashion, several ingredients are needed: new ideas, catching the Zeitgeist, capturing new impulses, a good feel for fabrics, shapes and cuts, plenty of talent, and an understanding of the wishes of an exclusive clientele. Traditional houses like Chloé, for example, have a great understanding of how to reinvent themselves again and again – like the attractive high class escorts of this agency, because otherwise the encounters would only be half as exciting. This fashion house is based in Paris – the city of love, and the dream destination for all true romantics – and was founded in 1952 by Gaby Aghion and Jacques Lenoir. Today it is part of the Swiss luxury goods group Richemont. Aghion, innately a seamstress, loved high quality, elegant, soft and flowing fabrics with a playful character and specifically emphasised the femininity of buyers of her prêt-à-porter collections. The company was named after a friend. In 1958 she showed her clothes at a fashion show at Café de Flore, which is still a hot destination for many intellectuals and creatives. At that time, these were Simone de Beauvoir, Jean-Paul Sartre, Alberto Giacometti, Jean Cocteau, Boris Vian and of course Karl Lagerfeld. And here the circle closes, since he also belonged to Aghion’s chosen circle at that time. She surrounded herself with young, up-and-coming fashion designers and after a short time, in 1963 to be precise, Lagerfeld was chosen as chief designer of the brand, remaining in this position for twenty years. From then on, the rich and the beautiful of the world began to acquire the latest creations, which are still popular with high class escorts around the globe. Stars and celebrities such as the divine Maria Callas, stylish Jackie Kennedy, classic beauty Grace Kelly and the breathtaking Brigitte Bardot were among the regular customers. In the 1970s, the fashion world could no longer be imagined without the label – not least because of Lagerfeld, who is still a master of his trade. However, the collaboration ended abruptly in 1983 – the house and the successful designer quarrelled and fell out. The bridge was badly burned, and nothing was the same afterwards. Sales dropped, and designers were exchanged at regular intervals until the master himself, Karl Lagerfeld, returned in 1992. It turned out, however, that the old glamour of the brand was hard to re-establish until… well, until star designer Stella McCartney took over in 1997 and became chief designer. And with her at the helm, the long-awaited upswing finally came. A clever move here was the launch of the somewhat more affordable second line See by Chloé, which can be obtained – not just by high class escorts – via known luxury online shops such as net-a-porter.

    A label shines with new splendour

    With chief designer Phoebe Philo, the brand became very interesting, especially for younger women, and achieved almost the same popularity as in the 1970s. Women, including our fashion-conscious high class escorts, love the interplay between romanticism and wearable daylight-friendly elegance, which provide lightness in the wardrobe and give the entire look a girlish radiance. In combination with the right bag from the collection, the outfit looks perfect. High class escorts love the famous Paddington Bag in particular – an absolute must-have for every fashion-conscious woman. In addition to standard women’s fashion, the company now also creates many other timeless accessories such as belts and shoes. All in all, it has become a very profitable company that has mastered ups and downs wonderfully and has become an integral part of the fashion world. Being willing and able to reinvent oneself again and again is an important skill, not just in the fashion segment. Reinvent yourself from time to time, take a risk, plan beautiful moments that will enhance your quality of life and create memories you’ll cherish. Paris is the ideal platform for this: nobody lives the savoir-vivre as skilfully as the French, who work to live, and not vice versa. Focusing on your needs and paying attention to your body’s signals is always the first step in the right direction. With our high class escorts it’ll be more than easy to fully recharge and let go, harmonising body and mind. Plan a long weekend with one of our high class escorts and turn back the clock in complete relaxation. Stay at the newly renovated Hotel Ritz, located right in the famous Place Vendôme. Here, you can be fully at ease – the hotel, famous all over the world for its excellent service, is still a meeting place for many stars, political celebrities and intellectuals. Hospitality and excellent service are the main priority here. It’s therefore no surprise to recurring hotel guests to learn that people like Coco Chanel, Marcel Proust or Ernest Hemingway felt particularly at home here. The two-starred Michelin restaurant L’Espadon is sure to delight gourmands. Dine in the magnificent gilded hall and breathe in the aroma of exquisite dishes in the company of your elegant escort. The ambience here is just as elegant as the staff. Star chef Nicolas Sale’s modern cuisine is renowned for its intense culinary delights. This is where taste, personality and style meet!

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