Anyone who believes that beauty is solely a genetic matter probably isn’t aware of how much time a woman of class will spend in her bathroom to serve her beau a feast for the eyes. She will lather, scrub, brush, pluck and pull, with impressive results. Achieving a perfect look does in fact require a lot of work and, of course, substantial investment. Our Escorts Munich ladies, however, spare no expense or effort to please their lords; after all, high class escorts are like sparkling jewellery at the side of an attractive man, who of course loves to be seen with a presentable, attractive lady. But, where to start and where to stop? First, they must decide on a suitable skin care line that corresponds to their own skin type, containing pure ingredients with caring properties.


    Women of all ages, naturally including our escort service ladies in Munich, love using the luxurious and skin-friendly „La Mer“ skincare line. Admittedly, it’s not altogether affordable, but at some point, you’re faced with the question of which is more important – an expensive bag or a wrinkle-free visage. Getting the latter could even lead to acquiring the former, thereby killing two birds with one stone! The „Moisturising Soft Cream“ has proven to be a real miracle weapon and can be used either as a normal day cream or as a nourishing occasional treatment. High class escorts like to apply it a little thicker and leave it to work as a face mask for 20-30 minutes. After removing this with a hot, moist terry cloth and gently massaging the remains into the skin, the face is left with an unspeakably fresh glow. High end luxury cosmetics don’t just have the price tag… they have the effects to match. But what makes this cream so special and unique?

    Crème de La Mer – wonder cream and a science in itself

    Without a doubt, this cream is more than simply a cream. It is a miracle weapon that not only gives every face an unspeakably fresh and plump appearance, but also functions as an all-rounder that does wonders for the skin. The magic words here are „Miracle Broth“ – an innovative formula that has been developed using countless nutrients and can even alleviate burns. It has a firming and strengthening effect, which repairs and fully refreshes the skin. This concoction is all thanks to an intelligent and ambitious scientist who developed this active ingredient more than half a century ago, and it’s now the non plus ultra for our Escorts Munich ladies. In the mid-1950s, physicist Dr Max Huber fell victim to an explosion and began to experiment in his laboratory to find a way of relieving his burns. Everything that existed at the time showed no effect, so he set himself to work and tinkered with a suitable texture until he found a solution. It was important to him that the ingredients were natural and had lots of positive properties: self-regenerating, strengthening, moisture-retaining and nutrient-rich were the desired attributes. He found these in seaweed, so he cultivated large quantities and got to work. He also added important vitamins, minerals and oils, which are absolutely essential for well maintained and demanding skin. It took over 12 years of experimentation and 6,000 attempts before the researcher was finally satisfied. In his circle of friends and acquaintances he found grateful customers, who naturally reported back to him about the brilliant effects – these are also confirmed by our high class escorts.

    You get what you pay for…

    Of course, this wisdom can be interpreted in many ways. However, the core of it is that there are some things worth spending more on. Maybe some of you have already had a peek or a rummage in the toiletry bag of your Escorts Munich companion and have seen an exclusive La Mer cream in there. If not, this would be a wonderful gift idea – you’ll no doubt receive more than just a kiss as a thank you. The repertoire can also be effortlessly supplemented by many other beautiful products. For example, the „Lifting and Firming Mask“, which visibly tightens and refines the skin, is a very popular choice. It has a sculpting effect and stimulates the body’s own collagen production, providing new youthful freshness. It comes with a handy brush that allows for precise application on the face, neck and décolleté. The skin receives perfect, long-lasting nourishment, becomes considerably more elastic and pores are visibly reduced. Many may not know it yet, but the truth is that women can be enchanting beings who read every wish in your eyes if they choose to. The motto to remember here is simply: the more generous the man is, the more generous the woman will be. As so often in life, it all comes down to give and take. Whether it is more of a blessing to „take“ than to „give“ is best discovered during a romantic meeting with exclusive high class escorts. In the end, we’re not reinventing the wheel – fortunately, the eternal game between man and woman never ends. This keeps things exciting for us! Carry an Escorts Munich dream woman away into a world full of charm, emotion, humour and well-being – it won’t just be her skin that glows!

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