We all know that little gifts keep a friendship going and bring a great deal of pleasure. You’ll know it too when you see the sparkle in the recipient’s, namely your escort service companion’s, eyes, and her excitement to brandish your gift straight away. Perhaps you’re unsure as to what kind of treat will best please your escort companion? Don’t you worry – we’ve devoted quite some time to considering what your charming lady might like. After all, we know our ladies and their excellent taste through and through! One staple among fashionistas is the classic Gucci item: their black belt with the well-known „GG“ logo, which looks fantastic paired with a skirt and blouse, but also works well with a Gucci floral chiffon dress. The belt is a must-have for all admirers of the Italian cult brand, and you’ll definitely hit the spot if you give one to your escort service lady. The accessory is made in Italy from the finest smooth leather and it really showcases Italian craftsmanship in terms of its quality and attention to detail. Gucci is a byword for eclectic, contemporary and romantic products, providing a thoroughly modern reinterpretation of fashion. Influential, innovative and progressive just like you, the luxury fashion house reinterprets the vision of creative director Alessandro Michele for the 21st century, and is one of the most sought-after fashion houses worldwide. But behind the now successful Gucci dynasty lies a dramatic family history, which you are welcome to tell to impress your escort service temptress in front of the flickering fireplace. Let’s start with the more innocuous details of Gucci’s founding history: the company was founded in 1921 by master saddler Guccio Gucci, hence the GG, as a small workshop for leather goods and luggage in Florence.

    In 1947, after opening more stores in Italy, Gucci launched a handbag with a bamboo handle – the famous Bamboo Bag, which still delights the heart of every fashionista and is sure to excite your fashion-conscious escort service signorina. But now we journey from the bliss of beautiful fashion to the dark family history behind the luxury company, a tale that would be more than worthy of a Hollywood drama. The founding dynasty, which had full control of the brand until the late 1980s, was surrounded by scandals. Patricia Gucci, the illegitimate daughter of Aldo Gucci, has written a book about it. The book’s title is „In the Name of Gucci“ and it attempts to restore the reputation of her father Aldo, who died in 1991 and who in her eyes has been censored out of the Gucci timeline. In Patricia’s view, it is evident that her father made the company a success story.


    It wasn’t until Guccio died in the 1950s that the company really took off. Aldo, whom Guccio had identified as the son with the greatest commercial skill, opened the first store in the United States that sold Italian luxury goods. A smart move, because soon Hollywood stars and fashion icons such as Grace Kelly, Rita Hayworth and Jackie Onassis were among Gucci’s customers. Jackie Onassis was also responsible for the first „it bag“ in fashion history: it wasn’t until she was photographed with the classic Gucci shoulder bag that it became a sales hit. But then the blow for Patricia! You and your escort service belle will shake your heads in dismay: when Patricia is ten years old, she learns that she has three half-brothers and that her father, whom she rarely sees, is not married to her mother at all. At the age of 22, Aldo Gucci married an Englishwoman named Olwen Price, a former chambermaid of the Romanian queen. He had three sons with her, who had long since grown up. You and your escort service dreamgirl will surely now be asking yourselves how Aldo Gucci arranged this double life? For starters, he had no other choice, because adultery was punishable by imprisonment in Italy in the ’50s and ’60s. A divorce wasn’t possible. So Aldo Gucci and Bruna, Patricia’s mother, kept their love and their child a secret. Bruna and Patricia were forced to move constantly, according to what was most convenient for Aldo. They went from England to Italy, and later to California. Olsen knew about her husband’s double life and accepted it, probably for her own benefit. But how did Aldo and Bruna meet, you and your beautiful escort service lady might wonder? Patricia’s mother, Bruna, had first worked as a saleswoman at Gucci in Rome and was then promoted to secretary. At first reluctant, she eventually became the paramour of the 33-year-old patriarch. Patricia, who joined the company at the age of 18, only then met the rest of the Gucci dynasty, while the public got to meet this enchanting young lady. Our high class escort service places emphasis on multifaceted, good-looking and charming young women who cut a fine figure in every light. Patricia quickly became the brand’s youthful figurehead – in today’s terms we would call her an It Girl. She represented Gucci at evening events and worked as an in-house model and spokesperson. She is also responsible for the shop window design of the store on Fifth Avenue in New York. The New York Times labelled her „Gucci Girl“ and called her „the most marriageable girl in the world“. She was the first woman ever appointed to the board by her father. Everything was going well, except for…

    A Judas in his own family

    … the fierce family quarrels that almost ruined Gucci. The Gucci family story is one of love and betrayal. Paolo, Aldo’s son, was fired and subsequently reported his own father to the American tax authorities in revenge. Unfortunately, they discovered that Gucci’s advisors had declared Aldo’s profit as only $100,000 a year, which was of course in no way in line with the brand’s success. 81-year-old Aldo was then removed from the board via a coup and was imprisoned for a year. Gucci’s descent was in full swing, and in 1991 the company recorded losses of millions. Hold your escort service beauty tight, because it gets even worse. The family drama reached its climax in March 1995 when Patrizia Reggiani had her ex-husband Maurizio, one of the Gucci heirs and Aldo’s nephew, murdered. Aldo then made his daughter Patricia the sole heir of his fortune. Since 2004, however, Gucci has belonged to the French luxury goods group Kering, which once again led the fashion house to great success. You and your fashion-minded escort service lady will be well aware: Tom Ford, who became Gucci’s creative director in 1994, changed the brand’s identity forever. The brand genius managed to keep Gucci from sinking into insignificance. Everything turned out well for Patricia Gucci – it’s even rumoured that there may be a film made about her life and family. So you and your escort model can look forward to an exciting show. By the way: treating your escort service companion to one of these belts has immense advantages! As soon as you’ve conjured her out of her clothes, the belt can take centre stage in your amorous adventures. Your escort service companion can tighten the strap across her gorgeous breasts while she tenderly or wildly delights you, or you can gently tie your lovely lady to the bed, generating even more ecstatic enthusiasm for your gift. Either way, you’re sure to spend extraordinarily sensual hours with your siren, because little gifts keep the friendship alive.

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